A wealthy person of English origin that also happened to be born that way.

Usually you will find Daddy paid for his education and his Dad paid for his, they also get their jobs because of their Fathers/Uncles pulling strings, yet still have the gall to look down on the millions of unemployed people due to their efforts.

In David Cameron's case all said Dads of Dads who got him where he is were stock brokers or so he told other stock brokers at a particular conference.

They rarely have any problems in their lives save those that are due to inbreeding (which is common) and/or are their own fault.

They have an awful tendency for getting involved in politics, law, finance and big business despite having very little clue about the real world and holding extremely derogatory views about ordinary people. The world is in a far worse state because of this.

The French Revolutionaries and the Bolsheviks knew how best to treat people of their ilk in their respective countries, though somewhat crazy themselves.
Jim bob: Tories are all toffs along with the rest of the political class these days.

Timmy: Aye, bastards caused the recession and now we're the ones paying for it.
by Voseros July 6, 2011
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British word used to describe people who are born into a wealthy, upper class family, usually in an insulting manner.

A person who attends private school, dresses smart, acts snobby or has their parents spoil them with expensive things would be categorised as Toff.

Toff is basically the British equivalent to the American Prep.
See that bloke Richard over there in the Ralph Lauren polo and chino shorts? Yeah, he's a Toff cunt.
by Zeam June 3, 2021
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Wearer of only Ralph Lauren polo shirts, usualy worn inside with loafers and torn up jeans half down their trousers, with 3day old boxers on underneath

Always found drinking jugs of pims brought by daddy or mummy at the local Hunt Ball, or pints of Bitter with their pals in there local underage pub.
Listen to songs like 'Roxanne by Sting' or the Top Gun soundtrack.

Went to Public School paid for by daddy
1. 'Come on tabatha lets get bevved up at keyholes tonight and catch up with henry and marcus'

2. My daddy drives a jaguar

3. Rahh im a toff

4. drink up Richard, or ull have to pour the rest of that beer over your head

5. I love polo

6. 'hi vicki, its bella, mummys just brought me a gucci watch, how amazing am i'
by Rarah Henry January 29, 2005
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Tax avoiding

Over privileged

Fee paying
Anyone who goes to private school or votes Tory is automatically a toff.
by Highland TOFFee January 22, 2019
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Eton crew, and thouse who think you know where they come from becuse they named thier bording school, and think second hand books are 'disgusting'
oh my god, you wouldn't catch me buying second hand books, its simply foul
by Victoria October 14, 2003
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The act of having another man's dick in your ass consensually.
by Toffmcsoft September 17, 2021
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