Something that is really good, amazing, crazy(in a good way)
“That song is straight fire
by Lu28 March 5, 2017
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You fuel his fire ..

And you know this ..

Yet …

And then … stalker boy .. my definitions you’re now following me online as I don’t go out anymore … as soon as the new def hits I lgo away … come back, just feel it’s you, has your holy essence …

So ..

Attention … you have it …

Write for me .. we can dance .. make sure I know it’s you .. not the usual bullshit …

So what’s your issue … ? Jealousy …

Yet looking at the 2 of us …

who looks the perfect gent and who is the complete wreck .. the depression years show big time … yep the eyebrows don’t lie … take all my stress out on them … well some stress …

Yet fake smile people seem to fall for .. gentle demeanour hiding your agenda … even took a while for me to really see you … and I’m good at it … and maybe I used to exhibit the same … as I was unhappy thinking I was happy…. Strange life …

So just has the most random thought … what if …

What if …
What if …

She turns about to be real .. all those beautiful words (that you take and fuck with and whatever else … I refuse to imagine.. like a lot of things in life ..)

And I’m real

And you see us

As happy .. wistful .. as the summer breezewe see you .. you see us …

Lol .. maybe I do want a happy ending ;)
In the end … fire to fight fire …

Hopefully miss waterfall manages to cool me off …

Like … in her own time …

Yawn yawn

Back to sleep …
by LetsTalkAboutX January 9, 2023
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Referring to something in a positive way; another way to describe something as good or great
That dinner mom made last night was fire.

That mixtape you made was fire.
by Kikiballer3 February 29, 2016
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Replace the word hot with fire.
Jessica Alba is fire!
by Ricco Chico March 19, 2008
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a really really hot, awesome or amazing thing; something is really cool if it is fire
Boy: Did you see Shelby today?
Other Boy: I know bro, she was super hot
Boy: She was so fire!
by Double B the DJ June 1, 2013
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1. A substance that has the power to burn things to ashes, especially dry things like paper and trees. Incredible fun to play with, but you'd better pray to God it doesn't get out of control.
2. A word that is very fun to shout in crowded places like, say, school.
3. To reduce payroll numbers.
4. The second element to summon Captain Planet.
5. Marijuana.
6. A term to describe that you or someone else is doing amazing at the activity they are doing.
1. Thank God cavemen discovered how to make fire. Without them we could do fun things like A) toast marshmallows, B) light candles, and C) take lighter and burn leaves when we’re home alone.
2. Take it from me don’t shout, “Fire!” when in a crowded place, like, say, school. The word strikes people with so much panic they run wild and trample people to get outside.
3. Donald Trump looked at me and screamed, “You’re fired!!!”
4. “Earth! Fire! Wind! Water! Go Planet!!!”
5. “Do you got any fire on hand?”
6. From the very beginning of the basketball game, I knew I would be on fire. And I sure was! I drained seven three pointers and made five steals in the first half!
by Carrera's Wedge March 22, 2007
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