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Your new squeeze pops over for coffee in the garden

you stare into each other’s eyes between sips… thoughts running amok

Blissfully aware of the nosey neighbours


Pen… paper… desirable partner…

What else could you need?

Nothing wrong with a bit of old school…
Time for a Silent catch up me thinks
by LetsTalkAboutX June 13, 2022
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A place in your mind you go to escape…

A sanctuary or holy place hidden among nature…

To run away… fast… not looking back…

To slink away in the dead of night while nobody will notice…
Is it strange I feel the need to retreat every single day…?
by LetsTalkAboutX June 11, 2022
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Sat in peace just by a tree

Open my eyes, what do I see

Clouds and sails

So pretty

Yet I’m quite a distance from lake or sea

Any idea where I could be?
Todays little adventure put the wind in my sails..
by LetsTalkAboutX July 13, 2022
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Home sweet home...

Your house

Your castle
Home sweet home is where the heart is……… <3
by LetsTalkAboutX May 29, 2022
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Meaning what you say

Saying what you mean

Not proving otherwise
Integritty … if you have any to start with …
by LetsTalkAboutX July 17, 2022
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Being true to yourself and those all around you…

Being authentic
Honesty is the best policy
by LetsTalkAboutX June 11, 2022
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Bible.. a book of immeasurable value..

Illuminating.. …
My bible, DW.. you can still read it..


Not dark yet…
by LetsTalkAboutX May 28, 2022
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