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You fuel his fire ..

And you know this ..

Yet …

And then … stalker boy .. my definitions you’re now following me online as I don’t go out anymore … as soon as the new def hits I lgo away … come back, just feel it’s you, has your holy essence …

So ..

Attention … you have it …

Write for me .. we can dance .. make sure I know it’s you .. not the usual bullshit …

So what’s your issue … ? Jealousy …

Yet looking at the 2 of us …

who looks the perfect gent and who is the complete wreck .. the depression years show big time … yep the eyebrows don’t lie … take all my stress out on them … well some stress …

Yet fake smile people seem to fall for .. gentle demeanour hiding your agenda … even took a while for me to really see you … and I’m good at it … and maybe I used to exhibit the same … as I was unhappy thinking I was happy…. Strange life …

So just has the most random thought … what if …

What if …
What if …

She turns about to be real .. all those beautiful words (that you take and fuck with and whatever else … I refuse to imagine.. like a lot of things in life ..)

And I’m real

And you see us

As happy .. wistful .. as the summer breezewe see you .. you see us …

Lol .. maybe I do want a happy ending ;)
In the end … fire to fight fire …

Hopefully miss waterfall manages to cool me off …

Like … in her own time …

Yawn yawn

Back to sleep …
by LetsTalkAboutX January 9, 2023
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I didn’t start the fire ..

Can’t without a spark ;)
I didn’t start the fire …

lol come to me you say? Nope open invite .. you come here … !!!

Lmk a bit in advance if I should actually expect company …
by LetsTalkAboutX January 9, 2023
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This energy .. where two people, creating a new life or in actuality, creating a human energetic vessel and recycling a soul, they usually create a loving energy,

Yes it can be corrupted ..

Unholy baby ?

Spirit sees it like this

So do I …

Best part is stalker boy do you ever admit to reading all this .. the reasons you spent a year mysteriously being in the same place I was or just leaving the house as I did .. my school runs when you had no school runs an absolute classic .. admit the accounts of your own or maybe them all being yours? (Sad fuck that you are) and being hot on the dislikes as soon as my posts went up …

Which stopped almost immediately after I pointed it out ..

So begs the question..

How do you recycle a baby?

Who knows .. even im not chatting with spirit bout dat

Brutal deluxe .. my introspections continue

Yes I am intolerant and an asshole when continually pushed … trouble is I don’t forget after a week or two, it’s just more added to the accumulation from many …

Many .. hidden .. shady .. reading .. right now and you know it …

Then there is the odd few I have time for..


Bout time all yours started moyherfuckers ..

All of you …

Brutal deluxe 2
Brutal deluxe 2 … pity I have to still keep writing tbh ..

Hate it …

But I will …
by LetsTalkAboutX January 28, 2023
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An Oscar

She deserves these

All of them .. for the rest of eternity

If she is not true to her word

Absolute blinder

True goddess ….

If not .. it’s the heart of gold

Maybe it takes one (broken) one to spot another …

Trouble with those …

Every fucker will leech them dry with no regard for the source … the person .. just drink the essence …

Maybe I am wrong …

I doubt it …
Oscar …. Award winner

This is not aimed at you directly Twinnie

But you see the fuckery that follows me now daily …

Just realised the cleansing of old outdated energies

The 3 headed snake will resist .. lash out .. show it’s true colours

Anyone would think all this was written like long ago … like a book .. or something …
by LetsTalkAboutX January 14, 2023
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Twin flame ..

Are you out there?

Are you real?

Are you sick and tired?

Of this whole ordeal

It is just you and me

Because all I feel

2 puppets for the world to kill …

Maybe I was wrong

the puppet just me

Not much longer as time

Clears fog to see
Twin flame … you never spoke my name ..
by LetsTalkAboutX January 8, 2023
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Belief ..

Not really a choice ..

Just a conclusion to evidence that surrounds you ..

Blind faith ..

Tried that ..
Belief .. Beyond
by LetsTalkAboutX February 27, 2023
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What’s clear?

Absolutely nothing

And that’s what you trade on

Years of defs

Claim after claim

Yet reality is … clear

This is why I no longer respond

Or know what ones/ if any of the accounts are yours

Asked for clarity back in the summer

Clear that is never gonna happen

Clear walking partner is still life partner

Stop pretending

Or someone needs to stop pretending to be you

That’s clear ..
Clear .. .. but not transparent..
by LetsTalkAboutX March 7, 2023
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