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1. A Motion City Soundtrack song, short for "Let's Get Fucked Up And Die." Obviously put into an acronym so parents buying the CD for their kids wouldn't be turned away from the CD, and that the parents will just think it's a song about someone with that name.
2. A phrase stemming from the song used to express hate or dislike towards something, but not necessarily anger. What some people say when they have to do something that they don't want to.
1. Opening lyrics: "Let's get fucked up and die/I'm speaking figuratively of course/like the last time I committed suicide/...social suicide."
2. My math teacher said we were going to take a test on factoring, the quadratic formula, coordinate grids, square roots, and applications of. I rolled my eyes and said to the class, "L.G. Fuad."
by Carrera's Wedge April 19, 2007
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When a small male (including, but not limited to humans) has an issue with the rest of society because society tends to look down (literally and figuratively) on small people. Little Guy Syndrome (also: Little Man Syndrome) gives the "infected" person a aggressive attitude and thinks he some kind of "playground Muhammad Ali," and can beat everyone up.

NOTE: Not all small male humans, dogs, etc. have Little Guy Syndrome. And oddly enough, legitimate midgits tend not to have Little Guy Syndrome because they've already accepted the fact that they'll be forever short.
Example 1: The worst time a human male can have Little Guy Syndrome is when he's a point guard in basketball. Take Raquel for example. Raquel would have an amazing shot, but the fact that he's hardly five feet makes his shots get destroyed everytime he takes a contested shot. This makes him go berserk and act like he got fouled. Then when the ref tells him to calm down because he didn't get fouled, Raquel goes more insane and fouls everyone trying to steal the ball. He should /really/ see someone for his Little Guy Syndrome.

Example 2: I hate that damn woofy dog next door. It's got the worst Little Guy Syndrome. Everytime I step outside -even if it's only to take out the garbage- the thing goes nuts and tries to attack me until it's leash yanks it back.

by Carrera's Wedge May 30, 2007
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A phrase used to imply that someone is really cool, awesome, and amazing. This person is pro at life. He/She usually has a long list of talents, but is often known for one specifically. When a person uses this phrase to describe themself, they are a fag.

This phrase stems from the fact that on hot summer nights, people often flip their pillow over on to the other side because it is cooler since their body heat has not worn off onto that side.
Kyle got lucky and swished a shot from half court and /thought/ he was cooler than the other side of a pillow. Shawn however drains half court shots constantly and we all knew that it was Shawn who was really cooler than the other side of a pillow.

(I have written more definitions under the name "I listen to Indie Music")
by Carrera's Wedge March 25, 2007
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1. A substance that has the power to burn things to ashes, especially dry things like paper and trees. Incredible fun to play with, but you'd better pray to God it doesn't get out of control.
2. A word that is very fun to shout in crowded places like, say, school.
3. To reduce payroll numbers.
4. The second element to summon Captain Planet.
5. Marijuana.
6. A term to describe that you or someone else is doing amazing at the activity they are doing.
1. Thank God cavemen discovered how to make fire. Without them we could do fun things like A) toast marshmallows, B) light candles, and C) take lighter and burn leaves when we’re home alone.
2. Take it from me don’t shout, “Fire!” when in a crowded place, like, say, school. The word strikes people with so much panic they run wild and trample people to get outside.
3. Donald Trump looked at me and screamed, “You’re fired!!!”
4. “Earth! Fire! Wind! Water! Go Planet!!!”
5. “Do you got any fire on hand?”
6. From the very beginning of the basketball game, I knew I would be on fire. And I sure was! I drained seven three pointers and made five steals in the first half!
by Carrera's Wedge March 21, 2007
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1. To be dead, refering to how ECG machines' little green line goes flat when someone is dead.
2. To kill someone, literally or figuartively.
3. To be retarded, metally challenged, stupid, dimwit, and/or dumb.
4. A game where people choke themselves to get the feeling equivalent to be high. Therefore, legally high. Also known at the Choking Game and Space Monkey(s).
1. "Doc, the patient hass flatlined!"
2. a) The marine flatlined the Iraqi terrorist.
b) "I'll flatline you if you tell my mom I got a 46 on my math test!"
3. "Did you just figure out that water is wet? Wow Flatline, you're a few fries short of a Happy Meal.
4. A lot of kids accidently kill themselves trying to get high while playing Flatline
by Carrera's Wedge April 28, 2007
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