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A name girls will call their group, for the sole purpose of saying "the usual". They typically don't realize that nobody thinks it cute that they call themselves "the usual".
OMG let's do something with the usual on Saturday.. dinner, movies, then sleepover!
by HeheJWatson July 23, 2009
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The group of peeps that you chill with whenever you can.
"Hey yo, I'm hangin at the beach with the usuals"
by grace_s April 16, 2005
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1) Ones normal state of heath.
2) Ones habitual choice of drink.
1) Man: Hey man, how are you?
Boy: Im usual, you?

2) Bartender: What're you having, Mate?
Man: Usual please.
by Frankshizzle December 06, 2006
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Hes a weeb he plays minecraft all day he can kinda pvp but half the time he cheats because hes a faggot and he can kinda make cannons sometimes hes also a nigga
Me: Lol look at this kid it must be Usual.
Usual: I like anime
by NiggaStoleMyBeans March 18, 2019
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