1. In a hopefull way.
2. It is to be hoped that.
1.Hopefully we will get to chat.
2.Hopefully I'll get to see you!.
by Robyn Shilling April 1, 2009
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Encouragement made when some people around you is doing an great but deserved action.
"-Fuck, I think that I'm gonna roll an other j dude.

-Hopefully mate!"
by Optimisticallyours February 24, 2011
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A nice way of saying no
Hey, man. Do you wanna come round mine?
by SonSon June 23, 2015
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slightly overweight, lying, man bitch, who thinks hes the shit and can have any girl he wants. But he cant. in fact, he cant even keep one decent girl, because he goes around telling other girls he loves them while at the same time he's dating the "girl of his dreams" as far as she's concerned (becuase thats what he said, hence the lying part. Attention all females: Should you happen apon this randall campbell, kick him in the nuts, poke him, and then walk away as seductively as possible, so he will know what hes missing. And do not provide an explination should he ask.
Randal Brian Campbell the first (and hopefully last) asked out 4 girls in the same week. They all said no.
by Beat That Bitch! August 5, 2006
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