when something is so bananas (meaning cool) it isnt even funny.
Gil holding up a car magazine: Damn man have you seen those new rims?
Me: Ya man, those rims are out of control.
by pimp daddy dollars March 8, 2005
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the state of being completely insane, or out of mind
Susanne, on a scale of 1-10, thats definately a 7 which rounds up to be a ten, so you are basically out of control!!!
by Aicirt, Eitak, and Ylrac March 6, 2004
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something that is outgrageous, crazy, abnormal
Gas prices are so out of control
by sammyjonikkiboo October 17, 2008
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adj. a gamer that gets so frustrated when losing or playing poorly during a video game, that he/she will throw their controller, causing damage to walls, controllers, tvs, game systems, etc.
guy #2: hey, you wanna play some COD 5?
guy #1: sorry bro, but you get a little out of controller...
by Brent Handles March 30, 2009
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Alondra is out of control when she thought she could you use this app to make the word sound hott....wack ass move son ....see this what I mean by she is out of contol....someone stop this girl before she dedicates a whole dictionary to her crazy slang..
1.she use the word when people are just chilling and she is hype (out of control)

2.she use the word when someone says nice things to people....her first out burst is out of control.... p.s I think she's out of control... so someone please stop her
by bonnielove September 13, 2013
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Possesing monetary means that other individuals are unaccustomed to.
"Shit dog, they pop so much crys they're balling out of control."
by Alkan March 29, 2003
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