mindboggling, so good it's hard to believe, wow, awesome
John is so incredible.
by Anonymous August 07, 2003
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a.k.a. "Jon the Incredible," "Captain Jon the Incredible," "Increible," or "Incredible J," this refers to...well, Jon the Incredible. Originating from EBHS, the term is just another title for the World's Sexiest Pirate.
"Incredible doesn't need friends. He needs a mirror."
by Captain Jon the Incredible March 11, 2005
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Only the best film in the world. No words can describe the absolute artistry that has gone into the making of this masterpiece
Incredibles guy: Honey where’s my super suit?!
by TgF_bRo_JaY_aNd_RoM_dOg November 02, 2018
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