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Someone who has no idea of anything that is happening
Has lost the plot.
This boy is cooked
by Kosta Kozzie Brown September 10, 2016
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When a person has been roasted so badly that they have essentially been cooked.
Guy 1: *Wearing ripped clothes, baggy shorts, etc*
Guy 2: "Boi, you look so poor that mans in Africa would start a charity for you."
Guy 3: "Jheeeze, mans got COOKED!"
by Darker_Tron_Man December 07, 2017
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Someone who is awfully tired and needs to get some sleep. Often caused by excessive drinking and partying.
You're cooked, go home and go to bed.
by Hu Jia September 17, 2004
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To be cooked;
When someone has caused obvious brain trauma due to over usage of illicit substances. They have "cooked" their brain.
"That bitch is cooked, I haven't seen her in weeks and she just lost her shit at me over nothing!"
by myladythemistress January 18, 2010
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Cooked-The act of getting so inebriated that one has no control over their physical state, resulting in vomiting on themselves.
Yo you got soo cooked last night
Yeah man I yakked everywhere and now my white shirt is yellow
by williamwallacejd#7 September 19, 2010
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An altered state of being, whether it be chemically enhanced or a result of sleep deprivation and/or sensory overload. Usually occurs in the midst of and/or aftermath of a rowdy social engagement or bender (e.g. a music festival spanning one or more days, consecutive nights of exposure to alcohol and drugs in combination with loud music of an assorted variety, &c.)
Example 1-

Girl: Did you hear about what Tito did this morning?

Dude: No, what?

Girl: He was at the club till it close, and then he had to go to a wedding, so he decided to get a pre-wedding tattoo.

Dude: Are you kidding me?

Girl: It gets worse... he got a tattoo of the Bloody Beetroots logo.

Dude: He is fucking cooked.

Example 2-

Dude: Have you heard from Scott since he's been in Vegas?

Girl: Yeah, he sent me a clip from a pool party he went to where Eric Prydz was playing. He won a stack of money playing roulette and spent most of it on coke.

Dude: Man, he is cooking it!
by Betty Ford Prefect July 07, 2013
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