a melody, a beat, a tune, a rhyme, a word, a story, a celebration, a plea, an answer, a voice...
she sang a beautiful song.
by star December 6, 2004
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A unit of measure of time or distance.
the bar is three songs away by car or twenty songs walking
by jasante2 May 24, 2010
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an intangible and almost supernatural phenomenon that stimulates the soul on multiple levels in many forms. Hearing is the most reported sense affected by a song. Hearing a song is known to induce reactions from other senses like touch, emotions, and even sight.
This song makes me dance!
by thesongwriter December 6, 2020
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A genre of entertainment to listen to.
Usually describing a situation through singing.
Most are about love or hate and usually ryme.
by bunghole7798 July 24, 2004
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hey did you hear that song

YES! it was the most amazing song ever
by mad.ders April 3, 2017
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Song is so hot!
by ˧¸ç April 14, 2004
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