A fish is an animal that lives underwater that looks like my good friend Newman. Newman looks like a fish and unfortunately may look like one forever. Please give hope to Newman by liking this definition as it is very accurate.
by Vveniscool April 30, 2019
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A drag queen giving off female impersonation where you can't tell they are even a man; also being able to hid the male essence
Steven is serving fish you can't even tell he's even a man.
by Cb2308 January 23, 2017
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a tran, used as a term of endearment from one trans girl to another trans girl.

"hey fish, let's swim over to the G.L.O.S.S. show already"

"ya sure, i can't wait to make that pit into a fish bowl"

evolved from a hooker code term for cis women sex workers (1970s) aka girls who sell vagina (fish-scented junk) as opposed to ass. later referring to trans women (1980s), especially asians swimming in white scenes, who look so much like cis women that for all intents and purposes are cis. later (briefly), referring to girls who've had bottom surgery and are card-carrying members of the vaginosis crew. reclaimed circa 2016 to mean all trans women, including bricks, as a fuck-you to the gay male chaser scene; now considered beyond the pale when used to signal a person's genitalia.

used awkwardly by gay men to refer to cis-passing drag queens because they look so much like a trans woman. like when rich white boys call each other hood on the golf course.

used pejoratively by gay men to refer to trans men at the club in a desperate attempt to self-affirm their trans-exclusionary homosexuality, in the same way that str8 men think touching a dick will instantly turn them gay (as if they weren't gay already).
some egg groped my girl last night so i'm pulling together a school of fish to give him a free vaginoplasty
by fish trap July 15, 2018
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If you wish to know the newest acronym "fish" and what it means. It simply means "Fuck It Shit Happens"
Friend: Dude you broke my lamp.

You: Fish
by hag hefhwEUHFJsiuefbioEGH June 20, 2012
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A distrustful person engaged in sabotage.
Neebs is the fish.
Neebs is acting totally fish
by Homestarkiller December 1, 2020
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a majestic creature, known only by few. If you cross paths with such a creature, don't move, if you do, it will summon its allies and nibble you to death.
dude, i was just swimming along and then bam! fish, right in front of me. it was wicked.
can you show me the scars?
by Happy sunshine rain November 22, 2016
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The Jamaican word used to describe a homosexual or gay man.

Syn: Gay, Fag, Homo, Queer, Fagget

Also a term used for Mexicans because of their swimming skills
I was at the Gay Pride Parade and i saw nuff Fish

2nd Meaning

Bob: You havier is a Fish
Pablo: Yea cuz his family swam here from Mexico
by IaintFish September 21, 2010
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