comes from the slang "you mad?" or "you mad bro?"
Me: you made?
Eric: (rages even more)
by chung ling long July 9, 2011
"You Made The Sandwich" is a callback to the popular subway meme in which someone makes their sandwich at subway and doesn't like it, even though they chose the ingredients. This phrase is used when someone is the cause of their own misfortune.
Guy 1: Ah man, I didn't study for that test and I got an F.
Guy 2: Dude, you made the sandwich.

Guy 1: True.
by JioSleep February 22, 2021
Made is a word/meme that is sweeping the world wide web. It started off as you mad bro? But when that stopped effectively pissing people off it became uMadeBro? To which someone will instantly become enraged because they are either A) too stupid to understand what is meant by made or B) they know what made means and they are in fact quite made. It can be heard online over and over again by today's youth, You Made Bro?
Me: "Wow that guy just punched me square in the face!"
Friend: "You Made Bro?"
by uMadeBro January 24, 2012
pompon is going to kill you because you have done something very terrible
by holydrugs April 26, 2022
When you make a girls pussy wet
God, you made me wet.
by Niyah9998 May 19, 2021
When you have a large orgasm that kind of looks like a stroke and the flood gates open.
Girl: Omg you made me ink that was incredible! Where’s the mop!?
by Black Guy Harry May 20, 2018
usually when a person is eating, someone says something that makes you feel full.

often times this can usually mean that you’re upset, grossed out or mad at someone because of what they said
person 1: *eats*
person 2: “you look like a pig, stop stuffing your face.”
person 1: “you made me full since you said such a comment like that.”
by wowbella March 10, 2022