(n) A hand gesture used by a midget to say hello
Hey, the midget over there just gave me a microwave
by Johhny Bravo August 2, 2011
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A microwave is a clock that occasionally cooks shit.
my microwave is used more for a damn clock than cooking stuff!
by televox May 3, 2007
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I put a hot pocket in the microwave and my god, it did the strangest thing... it cooked itself!

Friend: What are you gonna make for dinner?

Me: Eh... prolly some left over mac 'n' cheese

Friend: But you cant cook it again, its already made!

*I put the mac 'n' cheese in the microwave and set the timer*

Both of Us: Oooooo.... magic.
by Rale May 15, 2008
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a device that uses magic power to heat food up. they often make a beeping noise when they are finished working there magic
I though i had a well bred microwave , then it goes and uses lanuage like that. how rude!
by afi_al January 19, 2006
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To heat up a relationship at an unnaturally speedy rate. Unfortunately, the resulting relationship often is more like a Hungry Man TV dinner than a slow-cooked paella. Again, credit to TT for this clever characterization.
A: So what's new with T and E?
K: Splitsville.
A: No way!
K: Way.
A: Well, they totally microwaved it.
K: Yeah. You'd think they were like lesbians or something.
A: Nope -- just two lonely men wanting something real.
K: Oh fucking well.
A: Too fucking bad.

by JohnnyAZ May 29, 2006
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An alternate term for going down on a guy. Most commonly used when talking to someone in a public place.
Chica 1: "I heard you gave that buff guy in gym class microwave last night."

Chica 2: "Yeah he didn't last long, I've had a lot of practice."
by westfalia December 11, 2009
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