this expression, origins in hebrew it comes to explain one's opinion over an action/saying/comment that was taken/said in case that action/saying/comment means something negative or offensive. it's comes the explain the usage of bad language to describe good deeds that were taken by another party.
she looks like a whore, but in a good way...
by rabban LEEN June 8, 2006
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…in that good way! — An expression used by the character William Knifeman in the ground breaking series Reservation Dogs.

This series was to First Nation Native Americans in the 2020’s what Roots was to Black Americans in The 1970’s in terms of stellar prime time representation of a major ethnic cast with a positive representation of cultural love; and cultural self-awareness,

A sprit, William Knifeman would appear riding a horse. He is a trickster figure who asks more questions then offering answers; and, he is inevitably at turns both hilarious and heartbreaking.

He once blessed a Sonic tater tot by asking it to protect and nourish the body of the character that was eating it and to help with cholesterol …in that good way.

A most infectious saying!!!!!

This series is perfect for a Sankofa viewing and is best watched in a circle. One you finish all four seasons of Reservation Dogs, immediately watch it again as though you were reading Finnigans Wake.

The story of a people never ends, it continues in a cycle…in that good way.

And representation matters!

You can’t hold in your joy or your pain. You have to offer them both into the circle of your people — all of your relations…in that good way! Then the circle can never be broken. Aho!
by Mind Hunter the Profiler September 28, 2023
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Phrase used to insult someone and make it ok/PC at the same time
Dude your a douchebag... in a good way

Your mom's a bitch.. in a good way
by Aaron/jesus November 4, 2009
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Follow any statement with 'in a good way' and it negates the horror, but still allows you to make killer comments.
'All you did all shift was fuck about and talk a good way'
by Braveheart 16.5% February 11, 2017
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It means that your acceptable weird. Some people are weird, but it's like dorky weird. People who are weird in a good way are not dorky but they have their own style, they're not scared to be themselves, and they stand out as different in a good way. Overall it's a compliment for the most part.
"I just do me and idc what others think!"
"You're weird (but in a good way)"
by Lay_lah June 15, 2014
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The art of being horrible but in a way that is pleasing to another person.
*someone does something cute but stupid*
"You're horrible but your horrible in a good way," said the girl.
by Thenegativeoneawesome March 18, 2013
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When someone you know is pretty stupid but in a funny way but they still are kinda stupid
by Idk what a handle means January 30, 2017
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