this expression, origins in hebrew it comes to explain one's opinion over an action/saying/comment that was taken/said in case that action/saying/comment means something negative or offensive. it's comes the explain the usage of bad language to describe good deeds that were taken by another party.
she looks like a whore, but in a good way...
by rabban LEEN June 8, 2006
Phrase used to insult someone and make it ok/PC at the same time
Dude your a douchebag... in a good way

Your mom's a bitch.. in a good way
by Aaron/jesus November 4, 2009
Follow any statement with 'in a good way' and it negates the horror, but still allows you to make killer comments.
'All you did all shift was fuck about and talk a good way'
by Braveheart 16.5% February 11, 2017
It means that your acceptable weird. Some people are weird, but it's like dorky weird. People who are weird in a good way are not dorky but they have their own style, they're not scared to be themselves, and they stand out as different in a good way. Overall it's a compliment for the most part.
"I just do me and idc what others think!"
"You're weird (but in a good way)"
by Lay_lah June 15, 2014
The art of being horrible but in a way that is pleasing to another person.
*someone does something cute but stupid*
"You're horrible but your horrible in a good way," said the girl.
by Thenegativeoneawesome March 18, 2013
When someone you know is pretty stupid but in a funny way but they still are kinda stupid
by Idk what a handle means January 30, 2017
When you can only describe the way you feel as dying inside but you're just insanely happy and/or giddy. You would like to sink into the ground because the happiness is too much.
Bff/n: that's so great🙄 how do you feel???
Y/n: oh fine, I'm just dying inside in a good way