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Spanish term for the "Hood". In the U.S it is used as the Latino equivalent of a Ghetto.
1) In Nueva York we call Spanish Harlem "El Barrio"
2) Ghetto- used for African-Americans/Negros/ Blacks/Niggas
Barrio- used for Latinos/Spics/Hispanics
by Ricco Chico August 10, 2007

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The new word for hot.
Replace the word hot with fire.
Jessica Alba is fire!
by Ricco Chico March 18, 2008

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Literally means "Water" in spanish. But it's a word Latinos use for when cops are spotted.
Some Latinos are doing a dope deal and then someone yells "Agua!" and everyone legs it.
by Ricco Chico April 12, 2008

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Nowadays used to describe an Australian of Anglo and/or Caucasian/White appearance or background. I am a Sydney-Sider and this view is most prominent in the youth. But in saying this I cannot speak with absolute certainty whether this perception is Australian wide (Although I have friends and relatives in every State and Territory who are aware of this view). I personally resent this label as a way of identifying the "Anglo/White" community as, I myself come from a Latino background but was BORN and BRED here in Australia and feel as much "aussie" as any other Australian! Australia is a multicultural country and no matter our background/race we are ALL the same nationality! When we go overseas and tell people our nationality we say we are AUSSIE and this is how the rest of the world sees us, AS AUSSIES!!!
1) You ask ANY kid of ANY background who is a aussie and they will tell you someone who is most likely of "first fleet/convict" descent or a "White person" who's close to it. We also use the term "natio/nasho" to ask each other what background we are, when in fact most of us are ALL the same nationality(natio/nasho) which is aussie
2) The older generations will most likely know what you are talking about but do not share the same critical belief that only "White/Anglo" people are aussies as our parents have a stronger sense of being an "aussie"
3) If Australians as a community need to have a way of identifying so-called "Aussies" I think we should reclaim the less common word "Skip" so aussie can be inclusive to all backgrounds
4) No matter whether you be a Latino, African, Fob, Abo, Azn or Wog we are all aussie!
by Ricco Chico August 10, 2007

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Another way of saying mofo, except this version sounds a lot closer to the original word “mother fucker".
Black Guy: Sup mafa
Latino: Nada ese
Teacher: ???
by Ricco Chico January 29, 2008

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Aussie slang for Restore or Restoration. Used in reference to Ol' skool muscle cars being restored back to original condition.
Some fine examples of aussie restos include Ford GT-HOs, Ford RPO083 GTs, Chrysler Chargers, Holden Toranas and Moranos. Some fine examples of yankee restos include Cheverlot Camaros, Ford Mustangs, Plymouth Barracudas, Dodge Chargers and Challengers.
by Ricco Chico February 22, 2008

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To reggaetón what beef is to hiphop.
In recent times Daddy Yankee and Don Omar have probably had the most publicised tiraera.
by Ricco Chico February 16, 2009

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