a means of sarcasm used when someone does something/uses something incorrectly your saying the opposite in a sarcastic manner
friend 1 misses an open goal
friend 2: "really good at football"
friend 1: "what the hell my phone just turned off!?"
friend 2: "really good phone"
or a commonly used phrase "really good at life" for someone who just sucks at life
by jayboiadams May 23, 2009
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Usually preceded by the word "what's". 1.news of any sort{not necessarily 'good'} that has to do with a particular situation. 2. a thorough explanation.
"What's really good with that girl's digits, son?" or "What's really good with you spreading rumors about me?"
by mybootyisthatbig September 25, 2003
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The name of Kurtis Conner's podcast. It's very really good so listen to it!
VRG - it doesn't stand for virgin but for Very Really Good
by Very Really Good November 7, 2022
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what happening, What's da deal, wassup.
Jason: " What's really good son?"
Sahr: Chillin my nigg. What's da deal?
by J.Gray October 8, 2003
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