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The tators hanging below your dic.
Investigator: Sir, are you aware that for the past 7 months your wife has been meeting in secret with a pair of notorious dictators?
by Turttlemugger March 20, 2010
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a : one holding complete autocratic control
b : one ruling absolutely and often oppressively
Ivo Robotnik and Emperor Palpatine are examples of dictators.
by Exor October 29, 2003
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A ruler who thinks only about sole and absolute power and rule without listening to other's opinion.

A tyrant to think him/herself as the strongest and had the most powerful country in his/her control.

A failure.
HITLER is a dictator.
Hitler did not hear anyone's opinion and careless about his people as long as he can control his people and the WHOLE WORLD!!
by Hormone Rager March 25, 2012
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The opposite of a pussytator. When a dictator and pussytator get together, they make babytators.
The dictator was too huge for the little pussytator.
by Tristan Michael October 09, 2006
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