Ricardo is someone that would make a great boyfriend he will listen to you always be there for you trust you and love you with all his heart he’s loyal and will always remind you how beautiful you are how much he loves you and even if you break his heart he’ll still love you
Ricardo is the best boyfriend ever.
by Carol singer 123 November 24, 2018
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A very cute and charming male who is probably the most optimistic person you'll ever meet. He can be a realist which is a very good thing to have a friend as. He could be a very very good best friend, or a very great boyfriend.
Whenever I'm near Ricardo, I get very happy and feel good inside.
by swag master daddy November 2, 2013
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Usually a guy of mexican descent. Has black hair and brown eyes, tall, with a really cute smile. He's a really calm guy and likes to take it easy. May seem shy and quiet, but is a really funny, outgoing, crazy guy. Nice and friendly with everyone, but not afraid to stand up for himself and throw it down. This guy is a great person eventhough he seems to be dull. You can trust him with everything and I mean everything. Girls, Ricardo is a very sweet, kind-hearted person, so if you get lucky don't let him down. Be nice and love him because he's the type of person that'll never let you down.
Ricardo is so amazing!!
by Veen344 January 6, 2013
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A person who is determined to do what he put his mind to. You will never find a other boyfriend or husband like him.
I think(RICARDO) might be a very good boyfriend
by Richard cortez April 1, 2018
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Name from a country called Portugal most used in the region of Lisbon, Ricardo is normally the funny kid , he might look dumb but Ricardos are smart, a disavantage is people normally forget Ricardo and hide stuff from them, Ricardo looks to pleasure his girlfriend all the time, THEY HAVE A ENOURMOUS DICK
Hi Ricardo
You good
Yh, you
Do you want to fuck

Yesssss *unzips pants*
by urmumismylover December 9, 2018
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Ricardo is a type of person that will always try his best and continue to better himself for himself and for you. He will always try to make you happy and make you feel loved, because in the end, it will make him happy to see you happy. Ricardo is kind, funny, smart and sweet, and is overall the best of the best. Don't let go of Ricardo.
by florconfa July 15, 2022
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Ricardo, the most awesomest person alive. He's the type of person who will always be there for you. He has black hair, and these brown eyes that suck you in. He'd rather have you happy than himself. He has no self confidence, and always dogs himself. Ricardo will always compliment you and say positive things about you. If you know a Ricardo, treat him right and love him.
Well, since you look like one and act like one, you must be a Ricardo?
by Cuppycakesss March 29, 2012
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