A word used to describe something epic
Hey man! I'm looking for anime that is real good.
by GhostIdentity April 1, 2013
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words used to annoy the hell out of some one by rigorous repetition after the question "how did you like that" is asked
P1:how did you like that
P2:real good real good real good

"not as funny if i dont do it"
by Dustin A (aka D.A.) December 9, 2004
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Phrase commonly mistaken for "Push it real good" in the song Push It by Salt 'N Pepa.
Flashback to 1987
Susan: Yo! Shelly! Did you hear that new Salt 'N Pepa song, Pussy's Real Good?

Shelly: It's Push It Real Good, dumbass!
by cdub22 November 16, 2007
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I did it once and ohhhhh its good. Its when you do sex sexier than usual.
Lets push it real good daddy.
by Mr. Venter June 4, 2022
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Canadian slang, often used dismissively or as a joke -- wow, wish that idiot would blow up real good! Originated during the 1970's in Canada by Second City cast members John Candy and Joe Flaherty. on the comedy show SCTV, a fictitious television network with it's own shows, one of them being the Farm Film Report, where two farmers discuss the latest movies and film theory - a routine parodying Siskal and Ebert. Supposedly the best part of a film is when things get "blowed up real good." They even had some celebrity guests (other cast members dressed up as Dustin Hoffman, Bernadette Peters etc) who were "blowed up real good" during special "Celebrity Blow Up" segments.
"Best part of the movie was when things blowed up," says John Candy. "For sure," replies Joe Flaherty, "they blowed up real good!...real good!!"
by Canada-HS August 27, 2021
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When a person, place or thing of no inherent value is detonated. Origin is deep south, usually spoken with little to no teeth.
"Lookie at that dumb jackass, there, he got blowed up real good!''
by tirtle October 26, 2019
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