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SatAM has an evil dictator. SegaSonic/Sonic X has a goofy and mentally retarded boob named Eggman prancing around in his Egg-O-Matic going "HOHOHO! You can never rebut my pathetic plan a two year old could counter!
by Exor November 21, 2003
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The scum and filth of the universe! The rebel insurgancy must be eliminated!
by Exor January 12, 2004
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a : one holding complete autocratic control
b : one ruling absolutely and often oppressively
Ivo Robotnik and Emperor Palpatine are examples of dictators.
by Exor October 30, 2003
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Apandah is a youtuber with around 410k subscribers. He is famous for his videos ugandan knuckles and big brother earrape. He is known for his humour to be edgy and ironic. Even though hes at 410k he has grown a big fanbase. He is also known for his twitter. Stan apandah.
Me: Hey dude did you subscribe to apandah?
John: No, he is an aztrosist copy!
by Exor May 8, 2019
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The crapiest game system ever developed. It was created by the Microcrap game division that implemented about every bug known to man into it's crap...er....masterpiece.
You moronic simpleton, I can't believe actually own a suxbox!
by Exor November 24, 2003
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The best piece of fiction ever created by the human mind. It features the Galactic Empire, the ultimate utopian government. Rule through fear of force, countless uniform troops and star fighters, the most powerful star fleet in the history of the universe, the most organized and correct social structure, cruel and arrogant officers, absolute rule of the Emperor, and finally... the darkest, most militaristic anthem ever.... the Imperial March.
Star Wars represents the ultimate story, evil dictator and his innumerable armies vs. rag-tag rebellion. The ultimate tale of good(Jedi/Luke Skywalker) vs. pure evil(Palpatine).
by Exor January 13, 2004
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Some goon used by an evil guy to protect himself from enemy fire. Usually gets killed as soon as he is taken as a shield by multiple rounds of fire.
The villain is suddenly caught by an undercover agent who starts firing everywhere to kill his henchmen. The villain then uses the closest surviving henchman as a human shield in order to make his escape, just as the hero suddenly decides to fire at the villain.
by Exor January 19, 2004
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