Oh sorry i meant ex
My girlfriend dumped me because she thought i was ugly
by Hi peps October 1, 2020
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The most often subject discussed on internet forums, usually by people who want to seem cool but sadly have nothing better to do.
Yah my girlfriend and i got soooo high and went to some concert i hav no idea what it was but anyway i gotta go i think my mom...i mean my grrlfriend iz calling me.
by Ozone March 31, 2006
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she is the saviour of all things sweet and gorgeous, the epitome of all things loved and treasured, and i wish so desperately that she could understand how important she is, for everything from the tilt of the earth to remembering to feed her cat. her great struggles will not go unrewarded, and until the day when i get to hold her forever in our own little home with 12 cats and 5 kids, i will write stupid poems and give her fleeting smiles from 6 feet away if it means i get to live it with her. i love her so much, internet. its incredible.
Person: hey, how great is your girlfriend?
Me: my girlfriend? she's just perfect.
by the author of LotJ November 30, 2020
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I use My Girlfriend to make love in my bed at night. She's always down to Fuck at any point in the day
by a modded bushplane November 22, 2018
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