Ivo is a not so common first name. This is due to the fact that most IVOs on this planet are freaking awesome. They got almost godlike skills in sports, sex and intelligence. Ivo is the personification of the perfect boyfriend. Every girl wants an Ivo and an Ivo always finds the girl he wants. Life is incredible awesome as Ivo.
Do you know this new guy in class, Ivo? Man, he had like 7 girls during his first two days in school.
Oh Ivo, you are the most awesome boyfriend/lover/husband I ever and always will have had.
Ivo, you are officially awarded a stipend for Harvard due to your astonishing achievements in school and on the track.
by Master of Might July 12, 2011
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The name 'Ivo' is not very common. That's because most IVOs are pretty damn good at almost everything. And those are people you rerely come across. Nearly every IVO plays an instrument.
IVOs are very good in bed but not extremely good at sports.
Their voices are either very high pitched, or very fucking deep.
IVOs may look like they don't work out but you just have to wait a few months and they'll be back, shredded to their toes. What make IVOs so great is their skills in reading the mind of a girl. Making him the perfect boyfriend. If there is an IVO in your class, there's probably also an Emma, but IVO likes a good Deenah.
The style of an IVO can range from very well dressed, to going places complete naked. But they know how to dress for each situation.
You also do not mess with an IVO. There's a very high chance he's keeping an entire arsenal in his coat or pants. So be prepared for a fight with an IVO.
Death is also not precious at all for an IVO.
'Ivo, Mark Zuckerberg here. I want you to work for Facebook due to your succes in high school.
Please work for me, i beg you.'

Super hot girl: 'Hi Ivo, can you help me with my homework? It's in my bra. Can you get it for me?'
by Tim Smith for life January 8, 2017
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A common male name with celtic roots. Variations for boys include Yves, Ivaylo, Evo and Ivica. Feminine equivalents of the name include Iva, Eva, and Yvette. This is a name often assosiated with a fun loving and creative person who cares about others
An Ivo came across a blank canvas and painted a multicolored picture of several people holding hands
by mark.44 December 25, 2009
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A common male name, especially in Bulgaria. Ivo is a wierd tall human being who does wierd shit and acts like a drunk mf the whole time.
Normal human:Hey Ivo! Maikati da e jiva I zdrava!
Ivo: *fucking dies*
by BruhNibba March 1, 2020
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You do not fuck with an Ivo. If there's an Ivo in your class be sure NOT to make him snap on you.
He will pull a hammer out of his pants if you piss him off.
He likes a good Emma or a Deenah.
- "What's up Ivo?!"
- 'Shut the fuck up or i'll jam my shiny hammer in your ugly a$$ face...'
by Otman2005 January 8, 2017
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Ivo is a sussy baka who gets alot of bitches and deserves 2 million dollars. Ivo is the strongest man alive. Everyone likes Ivo and you should too. He has vey big muscles and can beat your dad.
Hey, look at that sexy mf named Ivo, i bet he gets alot of bitches.
by ivochepa April 30, 2022
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Българско име, което се дава на най-силните мъже и батки. Тези хора имат около себе си поне един приятел, който харесва 2D аниме момичета, наречени Neko.
Hey, do you know that my friend is a anime lover?
Wow, i bet he has a strong Ivo.
by The nameless name NUM May 21, 2020
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