Dr. Robotnik (Dr. Eggman in Japan) used to be the main antagonist of the Sonic the Hedgehog video game series. Thanks to Youtube Poop, he's now officially the fat, bald guy with a funky moustache who pops up and screams "PENIS!!!!" in your face.
John: "I was playing Sonic and when I got to the boss fight with Robotnik, I halfway expected him to say-"
Jack: "NO. Don't say it."
by YetAnotherAnonymousUser December 19, 2008
Full name: Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik.
Fact: Eggman is his official name in Japanese, while merely being a nickname in English.
A fat, mad scientist with an IQ of over 300 who's constantly trying to take over the planet Mobius, and would succeed too if Sonic wouldn't be there to stop him from doing so.
Is able to create robots by the truckload, and uses most of them to try and capture Sonic, or one of his many friends.
by H Hog May 6, 2003
An evil dictator who used to rule the planet Mobius with an iron fist until he died at the hands of his nephew, Snively. His full name is Julian Ivo Kintobor. Robotnik's overweight figure sports evil black eyes with glowing red pupils. He has a roboticized left arm and robotic replacement ears. His clothing is a rather evil looking red suit with huge shoulder pads that enhance his evil aura.
Robotnik's coup d'etat changed the face of Mobius forever.
by Exor April 27, 2003
Main villain in the Sonic cartoons and video games. In the Archie-Sonic comics, Julian Kintobor took over Mobius through careful, yet effective processes, while staging as a ally of the Mobians. Successfully overthrowing the Kingdom of Acorn, he changed his name to Ivo Robotnik and, using an altered version of Sir Charles Hedghog's machine (which was designed to replace missing/severly damaged parts of the body with robotic ones), robotitzed and took over much of Mobius. Dispite his creations and plans, a band of mobian rebels called Freedom Fighters proves to be a obsticle in his ultimate goal: Robotization of the entire planet.
The original Archie-Sonic Robotnik was probably the the best version out of all comics, games, and cartoons.
by R.K. July 4, 2004
Dr. Ivo Robotnik is brilliant man. Brilliant in that he found a way to exploit my country's abundant oil supplies... Anyway after a strange blue ball of spikes arrived, we were able to swipe the prototype 'Doomsday Device'. Although as to what it does is a complete mystery.
'I am the Doctor!'
'Yes sir... now where's the oil?'
by Elbonian Ambassador Xeork April 10, 2005
The villain in every Sonic game to date. He is always defeated.
by ph00 July 10, 2003
The last name of the main villain in the "Sonic the Hedgehog" series. Dr. Ivo Robotnik (a.k.a. Dr. Eggman in Japan) has an IQ of 300, yet still makes very stupid choices.
Sonic: Hey, look! It's a giant talking egg!
Robotnik: Silence! I am Dr. Robotnik!
by TheBlueHedgehog January 25, 2016