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Normally used to describe men who have a great disdain for women.

Generally, most men who get labelled this aren't even women-haters. They simply don't feel like they need to validate their existance through another person. But becasue today's numbskull society views it as being wierd/wrong, they are hit with this little ditty or are presumed gay.

Girl: "hey, do you have a girlfriend?"
Guy: "no, and to be honest I don't really need/want one for the forseeable future."
Girl: ha, you're just a sad misogynist. you're probably just too much of a loser and no one wants you / you can't get anyone."
Girl 2 : "or hes gay!"
*both walk away laughing like utter buffoons*
Guy: "ditzy bitches...."
by The Mad Hatter 55 April 13, 2009
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a man who is winning an argument against a woman.
Woman "I don't need a man to support me"
Man "Then why are you living off child support payments and refuse to get a job?"
Woman "You're a misogynist, u hate women!!"
by paulaus November 07, 2014
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Misogynist /məˈsäjənəst/
noun - (when called by a woman) - Anyone no longer naive enough to be exploited by women.

(Alternatively, when called by another man) - Anyone in competition for the same women.
"I wore the skimpiest thing I own, and he still didn't beg me to let him buy me dinner. What a misogynist!"

"Don't date that other guy, he's a misogynist. Not like me, I'm a totally pussywhipped, manipulative douchebag who tells women what they want to hear all the time, so I can bang as many of them at once as possible."
by doktorj October 13, 2014
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n. A man who hates women as such as women hate each other.
Wow, he hates Lisa as much as Rachel hates her.
What a misogynist.
by nightroad13 July 10, 2008
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According to her supporters, anyone not voting for Hillary Clinton.
Yo, that Hillary Clinton supporter called me a misogynist because I'm voting for Obama. She must be racist because she's not voting for Obama.
by Ralph Q. Horque August 27, 2008
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A man who hates women as much as women hate one another.
Bobby is a misogynist because he calls first-year students "freshmen" instead of "freshpersons".
by Dassh June 13, 2004
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