A former colony of Spain, now a moderately self-governing island territory of the United States located just east of the Dominican Republic. Puerto Rico used to have a proud and vibrant political culture now mired in corruption and a dead end obsession with the stale-mated status debate. Puerto Ricans have their own distinct culture, slang and history and are noted for their artistic, dramatic, athletic achievements and for their beauty. Puerto Rico also has the highest number of institutes of higher learning in the region. Puerto Rico also has the highest per capita GNP of latin america and a diversified economy with large tourist, manufacturing, health, education and service centers.
¡Qué lindo es mi Puerto Rico!
by BGH January 9, 2005
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Puerto Rico, officially the Commonwealth of Puerto is an archipelago in the northeastern Caribbean. The island Puerto Rico is the smallest by land area but 3rd largest by population among the Antilles.

Puerto Ricans are US citizens by the 1917 Jones Act. The island has a republican form of government and is subject to US jurisdiction and sovereignty. Any US Citizen, even those born in PR, may vote for the US president and US Congress from any other part of the world. Conversely, no US citizen may vote for federal level positions from Puerto Rico. This is why many make the mistake of believing the territory is a colony. In fact Puerto Rico is a country on its own. Puerto Rico hosts Consulates from 42 countries and is well represented in the ONU. Although Spanish is the official language, almost every Puerto Rican is bilingual. Puerto Ricans also tend to have the highest GPAs in the entire American continent.

The island of Puerto Rico is famous for its many achievements in sports, despite being a small island, has had more World boxing champions than any other country. The basketball team of Puerto Rico defeated the US basketball team in Athens, Greece, the defending gold medalist and basketball powerhouse in Olympic play.

Famous Puerto Ricans:

* Carlos Beltran - New York Mets (2 time gold glover and silver slugger)
* Ivan "Pudge" Rodriguez - New York Mets (over 400 career home runs)
* Rosario Dawson, actress (Men in Black II, The Rundown, Rent)
* Benicio del Toro, actor (Traffic, Academy award winner)
* Hector Elizondo, actor (Pretty Woman, The Princess Diaries, Love in the times of cholera)
* Ricky Martin, singer (Grammy Awards Winner)
* Don Omar, reggaeton singer (Grammy Awards Winner)
* Jennifer López, actress,singer,dancer (Grammy Awards Winner)
* Marc Anthony, singer (Latin Grammy Awards Winner)
* René Pérez, singer (Calle 13, Latin Grammy Awards Winner)
* Jai Rodríguez, actor, broadway singer (Queer Eye for the Straight Guy/Rent)
* Jean-Michel Basquiat, painter
* José Campeche, renowned Puerto Rican artist
* Miguel Arteta, film/television director (The Good Girl, Six Feet Under)
* José Ferrer, actor (first Hispanic actor to win an Academy Award)
* La La, MTV veejay, actress
* Justina Machado, actress (Six Feet Under, Final Destination 2,Torque)
* Frankie Muniz, actor (Malcolm in the Middle, Agent Cody Banks, Big Fat Liar)
* Amaury Nolasco, actor (2 Fast 2 Furious, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Prison Break)
* Ana Ortiz, actress (Ugly Betty)
* Freddie Prinze, comedian/actor (Chico and the Man)
* Freddie Prinze Jr., actor
* Michelle Rodríguez, actress (Lost, The Fast and the Furious)
* Jimmy Smits, actor (L.A. Law, The West Wing, and NYPD Blue, Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith)
* Pedro Pietri, poet, playwright, co-founder (Nuyorican Poets Cafe)
* Jaslene Gonzalez, fashion model (winner of America's Next Top Model, Cycle 8)
* Marisol Malaret, (Puerto Rican Miss Universe, 1970)
* Deborah Carthy-Deu, (Miss Universe 1985)
* Dayanara Torres, (Miss Universe 1993)
* Denise Quiñones, (Miss Universe 2001)
* Zuleyka Rivera, (Miss Universe 2006)
* Samuel A. Ramirez, President and founder ("Ramirez & Co." one of the largest investment banking firm in Wall Street)
* Herb Scannell, (Former Chairman of MTV Networks and president of Nickelodeon Networks)
* David Alvarez, (illustrator and storyboard artist for DC Comics Looney Tunes series)
To those who say that people from Puerto Rico are lazy and useless, please read above and educate yourselves.
by JaneAusten January 14, 2008
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A cool island where cool people are from.
Rico is from Puerto Rico.
by Fuck the mexicans February 27, 2006
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An island originally inhabited by the Arawak Indians known as the Taínos (The good people) their history on the island goes as far back as 1,000 B.C. The natives named the Island Borikén (Land of the Brave) and referred to themselves as Boricuas.

On his second voyage from Spain in 1493 Christopher Columbus accidentally came across the island and decided to claim the land under the rule of Spain. With the power of the ”Catholic Church” invested in him, Columbus renamed the island to what we know today as Puerto Rico.

This island became a colony and was under Spanish rule for 500 years. As time went on, the population grew in diverse numbers with a African, Indigenous, and European diaspora. The people of the island grew tired of the Spanish rule and formed “El Grito de Lares” (Cry of Lares) which was an independence movement. The independence was short lived only to be invaded by the United States. Just to be a colony or a “commonwealth” again for the next 100 years.

The people are divided between voting for Independence v. Statehood v. Status quo (remain as is) causing a separation amongst the people, it currently remains status quo. However, more and more people are fighting for independence due to recent political events taking place on the mainland (USA) and on the island.


-The island is Three times bigger than the states Rhode Island & Delaware.
-Puerto Rico is bigger than Singapore which just so happens to be one of the richest countries in the world.
¡Viva Puerto Rico libre!
by Dean Akecheta H. October 9, 2019
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I'd rather work in Puerto Rico than take my vacation in here.
by midwestDude March 8, 2006
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The island of enchantment. An island with over 270 miles of amazingly beautiful beaches. The culinary capital of the Caribbean. Famous for its seductive nightlife. Home to endless natural beauty. Home and birthplace of Barcardi and Medalla. Birthplace of Salsa. And home to the most good-looking and happiest people on Earth.

Ignore any pointless definitions. They were written mostly by ignorant, stupid, hillbilly, redneck incompetents who were probably born on shitty land-locked states, probably haven't been further than 10 miles from the most insignificant town of (insert shitty, useless town name here) on which they were born, and the closest they have been to a beach is a toad infested lake.
Puerto Rico does it better.
by CivilizedPerson September 3, 2013
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The island of Puerto Rico has a population of only 3.4 million people and produces more talent (singers, actors, athletes, scientists, poets, writers, etc.) per square mile than any other country on earth.
Puerto Rico is Top 3 in beauty awards in the world .. We have 6 Miss Universe, 8 Mr. WORLD, 5 Latin Beauties, etc.
Puerto Rico is Top 3 in the world in the world music .. Puerto Rico Spotify Playlist "Baila Reggaeton" is the third most followed and listened Playlist in the world .. Puerto Rico has 60 songs in the Latin Top 100 in iTunes that means Puerto Rico Controls / has a market share of 60% in Latin music that includes Spanish, French, Italian etc.
The Puerto Rican song Despacito has broken many records around the world is the best selling and most heard and seen song in the world and has 3.1 billion views in just 6 months world record guiness.

Puerto Rico is top 3 in boxing in the world .. Puerto Rico produces more champions per square mile than any other country on planet earth, Puerto Rico has more boxing records than any other country on earth example the youngest champion, Faster knockout, etc. Puerto Rico is number 3 in total boxing champions in the world with more than 80 champions And Puerto Rico is the only country that has a champion in each category of boxing / division .. Puerto Rico has 15 in Boxing Hall of Fame..
Puerto Rico is Top 3 in the world in baseball .. Puerto Rico is 2 times SubChampions in the world in a row in the world baseball classic
Also knows as Boricuas from the best island in the Caribbean, Puerto Rico where the most beautiful people in the world come from.
by Tito PR August 5, 2017
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