Convulse means to squeeze or tighten, sometimes in sex
"I was right there and her pussy convulsed around my finger"
by Call me daddy November 13, 2016
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What some (and only some) women experience when brought to orgasm by really, really large penises. They start shaking and can't help but make the most earthmoving shrieks and sounds, while their bodies contort and the rush of pleasure is almost too much for them to handle.
He tied me down spread eagle on the table and forced orgasm after squirting orgasm out of my small, quivering frame. The convulsions in my vagina were so strong that i was pumping out my juices all over his rock hard, 9 inch long, 6 1/2 inch circumference cock.
by Joe8991 April 07, 2007
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A term applied to the act of moving one's camera (during skype or other video chat program) and usually voluntary although the outcome of the movement may appear random and illogical.
-"You've had a convulsion and now I can't see you!"

-"It was really clear until she had a convulsion and now it's all just ceiling and curtains."
by Mr. Legitimate Entry September 13, 2010
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Tears the target apart from the inside out. Visualized as transparent wisps.
It looked like the desk had been hit with a Convulsion.
by Kwing October 28, 2009
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Unlike compulsive viewing, this is a TV program or series that causes convulsions of the stomach, or full body. This could be a food program that has gone horrendously wrong, or any form of epilepsy-inducing imagery.
Mr A: "Did you catch that Japanese flashing robot cartoon cookery show last night?"
Dr B: "Yes, but sadly it gave me seizures and the food made me vomit... That's what I call convulsive viewing."
by DrJonas February 06, 2010
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Girl: "I'm cumming, I'm cumming!"

Guy: "ahhhhhhh!"

Girl: "Oh my god, Oh my god -- FUUUUUUU!"


Girl: *body spasm aka sexual convulsion*
by theoneandonlysexgod February 26, 2012
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A convulsion caused by rapid ejection of diarrhetic material.
Dude, when he saw his sister screwing the horse he practically had a Diarrhetic Convulsion!
by Errr June 18, 2006
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