1. to smoke, especially weed
2. suggestive that you would have sexual intercourse with someone something
3. to smack a bitch
"lemme hit that sweet blunt man"

"god damn,look at that ass, i'd hit that."

"i'ma hit you bitch!"
by Whipping post williams May 13, 2005
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Someone who is so indescribably unattractive, they look as if they've been HIT by the ugly bus or via every branch on the ugly tree.
"Yo check out that waitress over there."
"Damn, she's HIT!!!"
by Jessica the Fabulous June 29, 2005
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1. To inhale a drug
2. To have sex with
3. To tag up any surface with ink or a spraypaint can
1. Pass that bud lemme hit it
2. Damn that girl's a dime.. I'd hit it
3. I hit up my school last night, I'm fucking paranoid they're gonna find me out
by TFS July 25, 2005
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Something you do to malfunctioning objects to make them work again.
The TV remote wasn't working, so I gave it a strong hit on the back and now it's working like a charm.
by numandina May 23, 2007
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a dose of drugs, or the action of taking a dose of drugs
I dropped 4 hits of acid. I hit the acid.
by _GoD_ September 21, 2004
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To kill somebody as part of a financed murder contract.
Tony was very upset when he found out his mother and uncle had attempted to orchestrate a hit on him.
by Sooper! June 9, 2002
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