Usually the last or near the last words in a string just prior to an orgasmic climax.
Oh, yeah, baby, more, faster harder, yeah, oooh, I'm cumming, ahhhhhhhhhhh!
by Richard Black March 24, 2005
Possibly one of the most annoying/truthful lines in any porn or hentai. Shouted by anyone who is at their limit during sex, and is so overwhelmed by the intense pleasure that their minds literally backfire, forcing them to shout this due to a lack of words to properly describe what is about to happen.
Guy: Ah, FUCK, I'M CUMMING!!!!!!
Girl: Already? Man, you suck.
Guy: Yea, but your just as bad as me. in 3-2-1..
by Boltstrike November 11, 2007
I'm cumming! is what most guys say as they 're about to have a cumgasm.
by USAF Cadet October 12, 2020
A girl says when she has an orgasm
Girl: *moaning* ooh god... yes.. yes... yes! I'm cumming right now! Cum in me daddy! Fuck me!
Guy: *moans as he cums hard*
by BigCocklover333 October 12, 2020
Fuuuuck!! I'm cumming ... AAGHHHH is what I scream when i'm being fucked while I jack off and cum.
Fuuuuck!! I'm cumming ... AAGHHHH.
by eda-skip November 22, 2021
A warning given near the end of coitus, usually directed toward a female from a male
Guy having sex with girl: "I'm gonna cum!"
Girl: *Covers face or whatever else she doesn't want the splooge to get on*
by Mitch Tyler September 3, 2009
A common phrase used during the act of sex or masturbation, usually exclusively used by men. It signifies appraoching orgasm and/or ejaculation. The ending "cum" is a play on the word come, and in turn derived from the common term cum.
by thedoctor44 June 1, 2007