Flick. This is where you obbsesse about one aspect of your life. Somehting that no one else agrees with, and is a figment of your imagination
Flick is compulsive about fat
by Assassain August 23, 2004
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Feeling strongly compelled to do something.
After recently quitting drinking, I was happy that while at an outdoor party in Hartford, I did not feel compulsed to drink, even though those around me were drinking.
by Jarrod3 September 04, 2006
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A word to describe being moved to the point where traditional use of language is impossible in light of one's emotion. Typically not used because there are better words and compulsed sounds horrible.
I felt compulsed to add this word to Urban Dictionary.
by Adolphus March 30, 2005
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Well you see - it is very similar to the act of convulsing, but not. Convulsing is when one is foaming at the mouth like a rapid beast of nature whilst shaking uncontrollably and becoming partially blind. COMPULSE, however, is the very simple act of moving one's body when you do not know what else to do. This very real word can occur while dancing, blacking out or an unconscious habit when one feels extremely awkward.
"Oh my god. Look at that girl starting to compulse on the ground over there. Bitch is crazy!"
by YoMommaSoFatSheAteOurWifi December 09, 2009
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A horse with blinders on chasing a carrot dangled on a rope before him through a field of vegetables.
Biting your nails could be a compulsion if you don't have a good manicurist.
by Prof. Osled November 23, 2009
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Someone who can't help themselves but to "like" everything that is going on in Facebook.
John is bitter and alone.

Geoff likes this!

John: Dude, what the hell?
Geoff: Sorry, man, I can't help it. I'm a compulsive liker.
by errntnarcsst May 12, 2009
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