1) To maim, injure or kill someone
2) To get ones act together
1) Time to tighten that nigga's ass up
2) I have to tighten my expenses to buy that video game
by Vyxen November 23, 2004
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The response when anticipating physical discipline. The body becomes rigid and tense as contact is inevitable.
I was afraid not to behave in church since my dad would take off his belt and tighten me up when we got home
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Tighten - A antonym for a psychopath who faces a blue faced twelve-head
by LukeOfAZ March 6, 2022
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An extra bong hit. When one or two is just not enough.
I don't feel that high yet, let me do a tightener.
by Ty Innmejunk May 31, 2009
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Prison slang for "pay attention". Can also be used to tell another inmate to stop goofing off.
"Yo man tighten up! Don't you see what's about to happen?"
by graybar hotel February 9, 2014
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1. To get your act together. 2. Don't be so loose
Mary: Sarah you should put your clothes on!
Kelly: Yea, Sarah tighten up!
Sarah: Mary you should stop takin it deep!
Kelly: Yea, Mary tighten up!
by Joe11 June 28, 2006
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After breaking his sobriety and drinking, Amy told John to tighten it up.
by SLAP May 11, 2004
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