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Legendary character that allegedly made his first appearance at Leeds festival 2004, so named for his imitation of the children’s game where you stick swords in a barrel until the pirate "pops up". This particular version however involves the guy getting inside the disgusting pit below one of the toilet blocks, then waiting for someone to be about to urinate etc, then sticking his head out of the hole and shouting "POP UP PIRATE!!" Imitate at your own risk!
Mr A: I was about to go take a leak in the bogs, but there was some guy in the pit!

Dr B: YARRRRR!! it be pop up pirate!!
by DrJonas August 31, 2006

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when a person is covered in so much ejaculative fluid, they appear to be wearing some sort of white clothing, ie a suit.
it took 67 guys to give that fatty a white suit!
by DrJonas November 14, 2006

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the section of your MSN messenger contact list used for people you don't really want to talk to, or you would generally ignore, but are too polite to delete. the category can be anything beginning with the letter 'Z', as it will then appear below all the other categories.
my Z list is almost as long as my friends section!
by DrJonas January 16, 2007

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a single eyebrow raised into a quizzical position.
Mr A: the time-space continuum has always puzzled me...
Dr B: i can tell, you are displaying a whybrow.
by DrJonas March 13, 2007

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SMSTD or S.M.S.T.D. abbr.

1. noun. Short Message Service Transmitted Disease: a text message of a comical sexually transmitted disease such as chlamydia.
2. verb. to send a textually transmitted disease over a mobile phone.
I spent my office hours SMSTDing syphilis to everyone in my address book. not many people found it as funny as i did.
by DrJonas December 11, 2006

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affectionate abbreviation for our beloved Urban Dictionary.
Mr A: are you on The Urbs right now?
Dr B: damn right!
by DrJonas March 15, 2007

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slang term for one pound sterling, currency of the UK.
Mr A: that's an interesting hat you're wearing...
Dr B: thanks, only cost me two benk.
by DrJonas March 26, 2007

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