It's curtainsthe ending of something or realizing it's over with or done for
When issac hit his face on the floor he knew it was curtains
by Therightmeanings August 3, 2016
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The hairstyle in which shorter hair is parted in the middle, leaving 2 sections on either side. If you have this hairstyle there is a 60% higher chance someone will fall in love with you.
rick: woah look that kid got curtains
jas: there’s now a 60% higher chance of me falling in love with him
by Beggars September 22, 2019
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big funky nasty pussy lips resembling chewed-up bologna!
i spread the curtains on that ho!
by booferama November 8, 2006
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'hind parts, but cheeks with the uncanny ability to hang DOWN like drapery near the flanks or honches
my girls curtains wag back and forth when she's down on her knees scrubbing out the bath tub and it's exciting to watch!
by ed the chocoa cabbage October 9, 2008
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Objects that are not only window decorations, but are also used for entertainment, or "hooking" yourslef.
"Wow, Berta, those are some dandy curtains! you can accidently hook them, if you want to!"
by AVictimOfCreepery May 28, 2011
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when something is over,dying
If u fuck wit me its gonna be curtains.
by Big Al May 5, 2004
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girl#1...omg i just had sex for the first time it was amazing!

girl#2...gurl wat choo doing????ur wayyy to young to be letting those curtains open. you'll be one of those teenmoms.
by solk January 15, 2012
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