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It's curtainsthe ending of something or realizing it's over with or done for
When issac hit his face on the floor he knew it was curtains
by Therightmeanings August 02, 2016
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'hind parts, but cheeks with the uncanny ability to hang DOWN like drapery near the flanks or honches
my girls curtains wag back and forth when she's down on her knees scrubbing out the bath tub and it's exciting to watch!
by ed the chocoa cabbage October 08, 2008
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N. skirt

Adj. the description of gettin into said skirt.

Adj. a way of life by frequently getting into said skirt.
K: Meff man u open them curtains yet?!?!?!?!?!

Meff: Not yet! I think they are titanium lined!!!!
by K Dub + Meff December 20, 2006
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True English definition for 'Swag' and is also a better way of saying swag or bars.
That nigguh Djaye got curtains for days!
by NastyJerry July 25, 2011
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