Expression of the state of being extremely excellent. Equivilent to "totally cool", "deadly" and "sweet". Originated (possibly) in West/Inner Dublin City, Republic Of Ireland.
"Dat was bleedin rapid"
by Weakboy March 12, 2005
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a person with extreme speed and always wins everything so everyone hates them
aww look, its rapid emily, wats she doing?
by jack October 12, 2004
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An Irish scumbag term for something that is greatly fantastic or wonderful.
Jasis Anto, did yis see Cairnsy's new moped?

Yeah man, it was fookin rapid
by Fiachra Davison December 19, 2004
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Elite Sharp Shooter that's quick to get yah when you least expect it!
damn! Rapid 0w5 m3!!
by BloodHound December 31, 2003
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When a female becomes sexually aroused and creates enough natural lubrication that it's like the Rapids Water Park.
Me: Dude, I went to the rapids last night!

Friend: Nice!!
by everybodylovesross October 19, 2010
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Random; to post random topics; specifically on online forums.
I'm going to have a rapids moment right now!
by Rapids-Wannabe-12 December 29, 2006
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FC Rapid Bucureşti was one of the oldest football clubs in Bucharest, renowned for its anticommunist past and for their fans.

Rapid doesn't have an important trophy shelf. The explanation is simple: the club was not appreciated by the communist regime, who preferred to fund Steaua and Dinamo, both communist teams, founded by the communists. Also, their fans were known dissidents and were one of the very few who had the guts to go publicly against the commies. Poli Timişoara fans, their besties, had a similar past.

After the fall of communism, Rapid had a similar fate. The club reached its peak in the 2005-06 season, when they reached the quarter-finals of the UEFA Cup, being eliminated by their fiercest rivals, Steaua. They won their last major trophy in 2007.

In 2013, George Copos, their owner, decided to sell the club. In 2013-14 season, because of the financial crisis that lead to insolvency, Rapid was relegated to Liga II. They were the runners up of the 2013-14 season, playing their last season ever in Liga I, 2014-2015. Before going bankrupt in 2016, Rapid had a last successful season, winning the 2015-16 Liga II, after being relegated again for financial problems in 2015.

In 2017, two football clubs were founded: one by the Sector 1 mayor, and one by the T2 ultras. Peluza Nord ultras will follow mayor's team. The first one will play in Liga IV, the second one in Liga V.
Galeria lui Rapid n-a fost membră de partid!

(Rapid's supporters have never been Communist Party members!)
by B.I-S August 25, 2017
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