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Touching inside her pussy. Try thinking "i want to make her cum over here" motion... She will start breathing harder. she'll be wet and horny after: ready for you to enter her. To get her to orgasm quicker, use the palm job technique... The palm gets her clit.
female: babe, i want you to finger me.
Male: later
female: i wont have sex with you if you don't finger me right now XD
Male: you bitch. cum here.

friend: after he fingered you, did you orgasm?
her: no. he didn't do the palm job technique.
friend. he didn't? why the hell not??!

1. You deserve a reward for giving me such a great blow job in the car... i'll finger you when we get home.
2. ooo, your not wet...let me fix that babe: with my finger.
3. don't hurt your tongue babe, just finger me and use the palm job method.
4: your pussy likes that finger.. lets see how the pussy likes this big dick in her.
by hateporn September 13, 2013
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to insert your finger in a girl's vagina, causing her great pleasure. best used with the 'come here' motion of your finger.
yo mamma's such a slut she needs the whole arm to feel anything when she gets fingered.
by <My name here> September 22, 2003
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When hands are placed on a female body and fingers pleasure her privates.
Jake : Wow Kiersten your legs are so smooth and your pussy is so soft and tight!
Kiersten : Oh Jake your making me tingle!
Chad : Ahhhhhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!
Kiersten : What the fuck was that?
Chad : Sorry I tend to ejaculate when I see you tingle!
Kiersten : Uh Jake maybe you shouldnt Finger me in the break room anymore!
Jake : Ok I'll just do it in the back seat of your car!
Kiersten : Yeah and we can also fuck there too without perves watching us!
Chad : God Damn't I wanna Finger and Fuck too!
by SlopNChop July 25, 2017
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The brilliant art of using your fingers to cause a woman to become wetter than ever and to orgasm and still want to scream.
Emma really likes to be fingered.
by Nikki_The May 29, 2006
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When fingers are placed in a girls pants and her pussy is pleasured!
Chad snuck up behind Kiersten at Walmart and Fingered her right in the middle of the store!

Chad likes to Finger girls he works with cause he's the boss and he can!

Chad and Kiersten were sitting on the couch watching tv she was feeding him popcorn and he was fingering her!

Chad hates church but when he sit's by Kiersten he enjoy's it cause he fingers her!
by SlopNChop December 09, 2016
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when a guy sticks a few of his fingers into a girls vagina hard and fast until she orgasms
He fingered me so good i was screaming and could barely walk the next day
by Lizzy July 21, 2004
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to stick a finger into a girls vagina causing pleasure
Patrick fingered Alissa on the bus and she cummed all over him
by jason November 06, 2004
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