Responding to every status update/photo/like/tweet by your friends, and them doing the same for you.
Also applies when the update/photo/like/tweet is intended purely to get the online attention you crave.
"If Kellyn and Theo keep liking each other's comments and pictures and statuses, I'm gonna block both of them."
"I know. They live and work together. Is it really necessary?!"
"They're circle-jerking."
by the REAL Lex Complex October 17, 2011
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The act of constantly sharing the same opinion in a forum full of people who are obviously known to have the same opinion as yours, therefor granting you free upvotes to said opinion, while gathering downvotes to anyone that opposes you on the matter
Good examples:
The atheist section of Reddit
League of Legends' Boards

Any sort of 9Gag picture that goes against consoles/Frozen/Christianity

Nearly any website that governs itself through up and downvotes, and inevitably estabilishes "approved" opinions, which leads to the formation of a circle jerk
by Carlão the Pimpslayer September 19, 2015
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1.) When a group of males sit in a circle, jerking each other off.

2.) *NOT* when a group of males stand in a circle to jerk off onto a cookie or anything of the sort. That retarded frat game is called "Limp Biscuit"... which kind of indirectly explains why the band of the same namesake is so fucking horrible.

3.) When a bunch of blowhards - usually politicians - get together for a debate but usually end up agreeing with each other's viewpoints to the point of redundancy, stroking each other's egos as if they were extensions of their genitals (ergo, the mastubatory insinuation). Basically, it's what happens when the choir preaches to itself.

4.) A game on MXC that's based on sumo wrestling. Beware the Green Teabagger.
by Ninja Disaster July 9, 2004
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1. A term often used to refer to when a group of people attempt to debate a topic, but it is taken over by people who all agree with eachother trying to boost their egos.

2. When a group of men jerk eachother off.
This thread has become a useless circle jerk. GG.
by SilverishGoldNova January 25, 2018
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When two or more guys all jerk off together
Some straight guys are into circle jerking with other guys
by Josh September 5, 2003
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In addition to all the group masturbation definitions,
The Circle Jerks are a hardcore punk band formed circa 1979 in Hermosa Beach, California. It was formed by Black Flag's original singer, Keith Morris, and future Bad Religion guitarist Greg Hetson. They were among the preeminent punk bands of the L.A. scene in the early 1980s.
After seeing the Circle Jerks show and getting our asses kicked in the pit, my friends and I participated in a circle jerk in John's van.
by Napoleon Bonerhard August 13, 2007
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1) Group masturbation, usually males, sitting or standing in a circle jerking themselves or each other off.

2) A fraternity initiation ritual or hazing whereby the lights are turned off. The plege or pledges are told it's a circle jerk. The actives pound their fists together in the darkness simulating the sound of jerking off. The lights are then turned on suddenly and the pledge or pledges are the only ones in the circle with their dicks out.

3) A useless discussion or meeting involving mental masturbation whereby the egotistical, boring participants try to demonstrate they're the smartest persons in the room.
The pledges learned humility from the initiation circle jerk.
by Pool May 24, 2006
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