"Did you see Annie's status update on facebook today? She's an orphan now!"
by newsvava February 11, 2009
A person who uses facebook to update meaningless, mindnumbing shit about their day which no one cares about.

This person usually has little friends on Facebook, because he/she is constantly being deleted from other people's friends.
Man, Ryan really is a 'status updater' i'm gunna delete his ass, he's taking up my news feed
by kinger22 June 20, 2011
stands for Look At Me, Everyone. A status update that is so miserable or sad that it's basically just begging for attention.
Does that girl not get enough attention in real life? She has the most L.A.M.E. status updates I have ever seen.
by JohnnyRoxville September 11, 2011

(masculine form)

1 - A complete toolbag who updates his status on Facebook to the definition of his name on urbandictionary.com. However, this toolbag only selects a definition that says he is a stud, has a huge penis, and/or is great in bed. This toolbag is prone to skipping over the definitions that reveal he has friction burns on his palms because he cannot get a date.

(feminine form)

1 - A shallow and insecure woman who updates her status on Facebook to the definition of her name on urbandictionary.com. She only selects the ones that say how sexy she is, even though she isn't. She occassionally chooses the ones that say how slutty she is because she thinks it is sooooooo funny. Little does she know she will now never get a real job that doesn't require her to use her mouth in the "service" industry.
CEO: Johnson, bring me the resume of that young lady who interviewed the other day.
Johnson: Sir, we Googled her name and found out she is an urbandictionary status updater.
CEO: We can't hire that slut to be our new VP! Well, at least we'll see her at Scores. How about that resume of that guy who interviewed yesterday?
Johnson: Same problem sir, he's a toolbag urbandictionary status updater.
CEO: Call him back for another interview . . . and when he shows up, let's beat him with a lead pipe.
by HatesFBUpdaters February 4, 2010
People who update their status too much on Facebook, Hogging up the news feed and talking insignificant rubbish, or pretty much revealing their personal lives bit by bit just to get attention.
" I woke up" 7.00am

"Im brushing my teeth, LOL" 7.01am

"Thinking should I have semi skimmed or full fat" 7.03am

"Since I got no reply, I will use full fat LMAO" 7.04am

"Why isnt nobody responding?" 7.05am

"I think I got Status Update Syndrome :'("
by Theresonlyoneash June 1, 2010
A Facebook or other social networking status intended to get attention, where lack of action is cause for guilt. Often posted by facebook sympathy whores, and usually featuring a call to repost it.
Facebook Whore's Guilt Status Update : "Like this status if you care about me. Comment if you're a true friend. Repost if you have the guts to see who yours are."
by That One Fucking Guy March 26, 2012
Anything having to do with
1. chain mails
2. spam
3. "death if you don't forward this"
4. jabs at your patriotism if you don't do this or that
5. copied stauses
6. horoscopes
7. self congratulatory statements
8. statements about how tired, hungry, bored, etc one is
9. selling stuff
10. Enticements to further poster's business interests
Inane Facebook Status Updates:

Go to urbandictionary.com, type in your first name, copy and paste this as your status, and put the entry under your name as a comment.

I'm so tired

I'm bored

I'm so lame
by 121-FFJM February 4, 2010