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A group of people, usually of the same blood (but do not have to be), who genuinely love, trust, care about, and look out for each other. Not to be mistaken with relatives sharing the same household who hate eachother. REAL family is a bondage that cannot be broken by any means.
Family relationships:

Parents actually enjoy spending time with their children. They help them help themselves make it into the world successfully.

Siblings look out for and love one another. Older siblings generally help take care of younger siblings.

The children respect their parents. The parents deserve their respect.

Spouses married each other out of love not for money, social status, or fantasies of fancy weddings.
by Lola5544 April 29, 2011
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It's not necessarily about who's blood you have, or who you're forced to spend the holidays with. It's about people you love and they love you back. You'll always be there for your family when they need you, and they'll always be there for you. Blood related or not.
We're so close that I consider her family.
by kittykat14 July 03, 2010
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A bunch of people who are forced to talk to each other. Half the people want to strangle each other. You often like the pet better than you like the people. The worst part is the dreaded family reunion where you meet family members you didn't even know you the one drug addict or the one member of your family that managed to get into Harvard.
I don't wanna go to this family dinner.

I wanna strangle my brother.

I like my dog much better than I like my siblings
by roux-ga-roux July 30, 2016
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people you love and love you back, not neccessarily blood or biological, but you trust them and they trust you, and they take care of you and you take care of them.
i live with a mom,dad,sister,brother, but my family is you guys(my friends)
by tardcake September 18, 2006
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A word used to force you to do things you don't want to do.
1. So you're going to leave your family just like that?
2. You have to forgive him he's your family, who cares if he shit in your cereal and raped your dog.

Family is overrated.
by Wompa One November 18, 2007
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A group of people who love each other no matter what happens. People who got each others back even if the others stabbed theirs. people who gather for family cook outs (mainly on sunday), a tradition started by a strong loving relative who kept the family together, from splitting apart far away. People who go to family events or an important event for a relative even if the family member doesn't like another family member. They will suck it up and have a good time without worrying about the others, who would set their problems aside to be with a family member.
Everyone gather for our 14th annual family reunion.
by jdmloverboi14 April 17, 2015
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