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A sports fan who only supports a team, because they are currently playing well, and will usually jump from one team to another if they start to lose. They usually know nothing about them, or their history, and will usually make up lame excuses for supporting them such as liking their name or logo.
Person A: I am a New York sports fan, you?
Person B: Well, I'm a huge fan of the Pittsburgh Penguins, Houston Astros, Philadelphia Eagles, Houston Rockets, and Toronto FC, you?
Person A: Interesting. Can you name atleast 3 players from these teams, besides Star Players, and why you support those teams?
Person B: Sure I can. Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato! I support them because they have cool logos!
Person A: I see, you're a bandwagon fan. Well then, good luck this year.
by SilverishGoldNova April 12, 2018
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A person, on Youtube or Social Media, who goes around flagging posts, often for no reason other than to troll.
My post got removed because of those damn flaggots
by SilverishGoldNova May 1, 2018
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The act of posting something highly irrelevant to a forum thread that has not been posted to in months, even years, to bring it back from the dead.

I would have to say that TF2 is one of the best games ever made.

*insert 100 posts here, last one 9/24/2014*



This is an example of necroposting
by SilverishGoldNova September 23, 2017
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A non-Canadian person who is extremely fond of all-things Canada.
Bob is from Florida but he is a huge Canadaphile.
by SilverishGoldNova June 19, 2018
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The only place where a friendly comment can start a flamewar
Person: Ah, I would have to say this is one of the best videos I watched. 10/10

Youtube Comments are just a worthless gutter of trolling and stupidity.
by SilverishGoldNova September 27, 2017
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Hockey is a team sport, in which 2 teams of random Canadians wielding sticks hit around a rubber puck, while on ice skates.
Did you watch the Hockey game last night?
by SilverishGoldNova March 5, 2018
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