Lads got a god sized dick because his name means god in greek
I slapped him with my Theo sized dick.
by Ok Boomer ..... December 11, 2019
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Guy with a huge cock
Damn i had sex with theo last night and jesus i couldn’t even get half of it in
by Definitely not Theo December 15, 2019
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That friend who just genuinely does not give a fuck. Theos are fun to hang out with but never overdo it. Theos are good long term friends because he is loyal above all else.
Friend: Theo, did you hear the tea?

Theo: I don’t give a fuck what the tea is, bitch.

Friend: K. Wanna go to Subway?

Theo: Oui oui
by Ashkenazi420 June 20, 2019
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The sweetest person there is. After all, his name means 'god.' He can chat you up at an airport and ask you out, he can buy you mushroom soup when you get sick and make you laugh by doing something crazy and unpredictable. Not scared of commitment and once he commits he will never disappoint. If you ever meet a Theo - make sure you hold on to him forever. He is certainly worth it.
"Theo changed my life for better"

"Daaaaamn, check this Theo out! He's got to be the hottest man alive!"
by I_love_you_honey January 28, 2015
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Theo is a god. He is the nicest human alive. Usually nonce's are all over him. Because of his amazing looks. He has a huge penis, what any girl loves. If you know Theo you have won in life. Theo is the greatest bestfriend and is so caring. If you become so close he will never leave you alone. You will be lucky to meet a person like Theo, it is very rare to get someone like him. Theo gets all the girls, they just cant get enough of him. Cherish Theo and love him.
" is Theo coming? "
" yes everyone loves Theo "
by Hakfbri March 18, 2017
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Theo is a man you will look after you, and care no matter what. He will always be by your side, no matter what you're going through. You can normally trust s Theo, but they can occasionally strike you by surprise and so something out of the ordinary- but it will shock you in a good way. Theo's are normally quite shy but when you get to know them they have the most beautiful soul a woman could ever ask for. I've you have a Theo in your life, don't push him away!
I think I'm in love with Theo


Oh! ...
by Qweety December 5, 2017
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