to have an overwhelming desire and need for a certain thing. it may be a person, a feeling or a food
i craved for him. every moment we were away just intensified that feeling.
by jjgvtjh September 2, 2006
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someone who skreams at a ballbag and gets excited when they dance in a green anorak
nikki's a crave

nikki craves matt
by claire February 9, 2004
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the need and the irresistable desire for a love one. the powerful, unexplainable urge you get when you need to have that special touch from that special person. it's the feeling you get when you think you've been so far apart from that special person and you go totally crazy when you're not near him/her. it's the unstoppable attraction you get that allows you to believe you will do anything just to be with that person for that moment in time. this is a special characteristic two love ones develop as they truely fall in love not only physicaly, but most importantly emotionally knowing that person will never leave your side
patrick suddenly had a craving for his love, jessica, while she was in the other class. they waited until brunch and his craving was fulfilled.
by paaaaatrick November 10, 2006
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To want to have something eagerly
Nikki craved for my attention *flips hair*
by Kloudy January 22, 2019
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1. A big want for nom-noms

2. An exaggeration for wanting a thing
1. I crave pickles

by Sir Jinkies of the Zoinks April 20, 2019
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Munchies for people that aren't high
Man, i'm really Craving some Ramen right now regardless of the fact that i don't know what pot is. *consumes noodles* *instant ejaculation*
by FiveMinutesTill August 10, 2010
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