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Computer Assisted Passenger Pre-screening System. AKA: "Big Brother"; it allows the government to have access to your personal information so they can run an extensive background check on you whenever you book a flight. Welcome to 1984, folks.

See also: wordThe terrorists have won/word.
Whoever thought this bullshit system up should be branded a traitor and "capped".
by Ninja Disaster August 28, 2003
Horribly bastardized style of English spoken by Japanese ESL dropouts.

See: wordEngrish/word.
"We are make the outrageous happy fun ok!"

"More power to your elbow cocky victory!"

"Zig, for great justice!"
by Ninja Disaster July 2, 2003
A kneejerk response to word9/11/word that has the Founding Fathers spinning in their graves. The single greatest advancement of fascism in United States history, and it's only the beginning...
At this rate, we'll have more freedom in communist China than here in the United States.
by Ninja Disaster July 2, 2003
A vehicle with a 4-cylinder engine; They're pretty much crap without some sort of forced induction system.
You can turn your 120hp Integra 4-banger into a 250hp contender with a turbo kit, mate. Of course, you could have gotten a Camaro or a DSM with that money, but noooo...
by Ninja Disaster November 24, 2004
1.) Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer. A computer expert who really isn't.

2.) The clown college diploma of the IT world.
"I am a computar expert because I am an MCSE! This Lunix computar is broken! The Start button is missing!"
by Ninja Disaster August 27, 2003
1.) An ongoing experiment that the United States has thus far failed at spectacularly. The process of forcing your own brand of "democracy" down the throats of the "liberated" whether they like it or not (see: Iraq).

2.) A 200 billion USD blunder (again, see: Iraq)

3.) The instigaton of nationwide anarchy (except of couse in Kabul) and the method by which a puppet government is put into "power" and left to deal with the mess brought on by its "liberators" for decades to come (see: Afghanistan).

4.) Something used by politicians to garner more votes from the fringe right (see: George W. Bush, GOP, NRA, Halliburton).
You're not God, Dubya. Stop pretending.
by Ninja Disaster September 21, 2004
See: manual transmission. The only real way to drive a car, especially if it's rear-wheel drive.
Look at that stupid ricer in his "mad phat" Honda Civic. I bet he doesn't even know how to drive stick shift.
by Ninja Disaster July 31, 2004