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Responding to every status update/photo/like/tweet by your friends, and them doing the same for you.
Also applies when the update/photo/like/tweet is intended purely to get the online attention you crave.
"If Kellyn and Theo keep liking each other's comments and pictures and statuses, I'm gonna block both of them."
"I know. They live and work together. Is it really necessary?!"
"They're circle-jerking."
by the REAL Lex Complex October 17, 2011

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The act of masturbating by a man as a means to falling asleep.
I was having trouble sleeping last night until I jerked off, fell asleep immediately after my snore-gasm.
by the REAL Lex Complex June 06, 2011

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When a new acquaintance is identified as displaying the traits you'd like in a friend, and a friendship with that person is then pursued.
(Not to be confused with 'New Best Friend')
I met this cool guy named Paul on Saturday. He's going to be my next best friend.
by the REAL Lex Complex June 06, 2011

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Refers to the person who uses their cellular communication device for nothing but taking selfies. The only thing they contribute to any situations is near identical photo's of themselves posted to social media.
Lars has gone on a me generation vacation. Now that he's botoxed his face, you can't really tell his vacation photos apart from the ones he took on previous vacations - every picture looks the same: Lars with a different background.
Turn the camera around sometime.
by the REAL Lex Complex October 25, 2018

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