Most Extreme Elimination Challenge. A show on SpikeTV where mainly Japanese people compete is various obstacle course like activities. There will occasionally be contestants of other ethnicities. The events are very challenging and often involve people taking some very nasty bumps. The show was called Takeshi's Castle in Japan and episodes of this show have been dubbed over in English with hilarious commentary and other voice work.
"MXC is the most hilarious show I've ever seen."
by IceWarm June 16, 2004
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A television show on the Spike television network featuring lifted footage from the Japanese TV show Takeshi's Castle. In the original Japanese version, a huge group of players would begin the show with the General (now referred to as the Captain) and would storm down a hill to the first activity, which would usually about halve the group. Then, through all the various following games which are MXC's main programming, more and more would be eliminated until there were maybe just a few people left. Whoever was left would storm Takeshi (who on MXC has become Vic Romano) and would engage in a go-kart-tank laser battle for victory. Takeshi is often seen posing in his tank at the end of MXC. Very few people ever actually won the game show.

Incidentally, Takeshi had a video game made after him that had virtually nothing to do with either his show or himself, and in fact is supposedly impossible to beat. Takeshi supposedly hated video games.
I was watching MXC with my roommate and spilled my soda laughing when this one guy busted his nuts on the dough-roller things.
by Matt A-W June 22, 2006
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1) Abbreviation to Most Extreme Elimination Challenge.
2) A show on TNN (also known as Spike TV) where Japanese people do stupid stuff and usually end up hurting themselves.
Yo, dawg, did you see that MXC where that girl got hit in the face with a soccer ball?
by MaDDoG August 23, 2003
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Was called Most Extreme Elimination Challenge. A funny show from Japan, but dubbed over with funny English comentary insluding the catch phrase "Right you are, Ken!", that is aired of Spike TV. Originally called "Takeshi's Castle", this Jackass-esque show consists of outrageous games in which poor Japanese, and the rare "white" man, compete to win.
Mary: "Tommy, did you watch MXC last night?"
Tommy: "Yes, Mary, I did. But I have been pondering this question all day. Isn't strange that no woman can ever complete the outrageous tasks?"
Mary: "Those are women?"
by THE ALL KNOWING AMY May 6, 2004
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The MXC Foundation is building the Machine eXchange Protocol (MXProtocol) to connect wireless IoT sensors with permissionless blockchains. As these sensors are wireless, and often mobile (bike sharing, asset location management, facilities), we are also creating a smart bidding platform for sensors to connect with base stations owned by others, paying a tiny bit of MXC (Machine eXchange Coin) for that connection. The whole system runs on low power wide area networks (LPWAN) - and anybody can participate.
by mxc iot October 10, 2018
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Do few people realize that Takeshi is actually a very famous japanese director and Takeshi Kitano as director and Beat Takeshi as an actor? His movies are well-known in the US and include Sonatine and Fireworks and lots of others where he often plays an almost insane Policeman.
I would sure like to know what those contestants are really saying on MXC!
by david gilhooly July 9, 2006
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