is when two friends who have feelings for one another come to an agreement that they are trying to become a couple or attempt the "boyfriend/girlfriend" status. It involves spending a little bit more time with the person as well as cuddling. Actions between the two should not change drasticly but a tiny bit, to at least show you have an interest in the other; such as hookups every now and then, or kissing on the lips for goodbyes and hellos, kisses on the cheek are cute, but its time to bring it to the next level when you are together.
We are more then friends because, we are together.
by Johnny O/BT June 21, 2005
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Adjective: Being a 'together' person can mean having well-organised ideas, or being sensible and confident, usually used in the negative sense.
"He's not very together."
"Get it together, man."
by apers0n January 23, 2007
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If you are told you and a friend of the opposite sex are now together you are simply closer friends. This does not mean you are dating or exclusive friends. You are simply trying to get to know each other more without limiting other options but in hopes of becoming a couple. Actions will include talking more and hooking up.
We're not going out but we are together.
by Mike March 29, 2005
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Another way of saying that you are married.
Baby when we are Together Together. can we get a dog?
Together Together?
Yah, you know... like married...
by TwirlyGirly June 3, 2011
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When two people join together and become one in heart and soul.

A relationship that is unbreakable due to a resounding love that is shared.
When we met the feeling of togetherness was resounding and our love will never be broken.
by Ace4kingAce March 9, 2019
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It's everything we do, doubting, following, loving, etc.--together-ing
May we live life Togethering
by Keath Pearson March 31, 2009
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To be of a solid state of mind. Sober, or if not sober, not completely messed up off your face.
you can also tell someone to get it together if they are acting a little intoxicated
"jesus, you only took one pill guy! get your shit together"
"how together are you, i need a ride home"
by pussywillowya December 22, 2008
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