The act of three or more people jacking off or fingering themselves or others in the same room. This group maybe be of mixed genders or only one gender.
Jim: Dude, I was at Elliot's house the other day and he got some chicks to come over and jack us off.

John: Is there always group masturbation at Elliot's?

Jim: Yeah it's Elliot's house. Amazing things happen all the time.
by Jack Alof July 16, 2008
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The act of when multiple (useally the homies) people mainly of groups of three or more masturbate within the same room.

Or in a circle although that is mainly referred to as a circled jerk
Homie #1: group Masturbation begins in eight minutes

Homie #1: Nevermind everyone, Kyle snitched

Homie #2: fuck kyle

Homie #3: yeah that fucking bitch
by BoredToHell2 December 19, 2021
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A group of young adults acting upon dysfunctionality and hooliganism and indulge in a bit of tomfoolery. This creating a sense of an orgasmic brain tumor that gets nothing productive done
Not Again! Kareem drew a Homer Simpson we must now indulge in Group Masturbation
by Notzaina October 8, 2022
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