I looked out my window the other day and saw this dude trying to boost my ride, so I shot him in the face.
by OnE LoVe August 10, 2003
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when something is untrue.

bob: yo, I just boned that chick last night.
earl: yo, dawg thats a boost.

sam: at home I have like 10 X boxes il give u one for 5 bones.
fred: why r u boosting
by smagmar June 05, 2009
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Any Beverage that makes your day easier- ie alcohol-mylanta-coffee etc
Eric-oh shit brah i had a rough night

Rory-no problem Breh, i got all the fixins for bloody marys
Eric-ahh thanks for the boost bro
by drwu March 04, 2011
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1. term used to describe how much air a cars turbocharger is compressing (psi) into the engine.
that mr2 is running only 9pounds of boost stock but with the help of a electric/manuel boost controller he can push up to 15pounds of boost without changing any engine internals.
by jumpa May 19, 2005
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1) Term for turbocharging a car.

2) Adjective for how much PSI a turbo is utilizing
1) Yeah, I was thinking of going boost for my GSR instead of all-motor.

2) That RX-7 is probably boosting around 18 PSI with that turbo timer.
by m April 24, 2005
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