Therefore: you are going to conclude an argumen and would draw out its significance
Therefore: Jesmion from Uruagu Umudioka has agreed to work for God in 1980s; therefore, he was anointed as a confirmation to continue his training for extra three years after that he began working for God fully.
by Jesmion Chikwudi Ibekwe August 11, 2017
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1) And for that reason
TOMMY: "Yeah and then he went into the post office and shot everyone, it was horrendous."
TAMMY: "Yeah I went into the post office the other day... Nothing really major like that happened, but I DID find some useful passport documents..."
TIMMY: "Therefore, shut the fuck up."
by Stuart Fletcher February 24, 2005
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The word you use in the place of "so" and "as a result" in your science essay in order to sound more professional. Works interchangeably with "consequently".
"The missile knows where it is at all times, it knows this because it knows where it isn't" can be written as "the missile knows where it isn't. Therefore, it knows where it is"
by QWERTY mnbvcxz October 10, 2019
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A post-hardcore/rock band from Boston, Massachusetts on Equal Vision Records known for their energetic live show and ability to eat more fast food than God.
by Kip Casper November 27, 2008
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A mantra that sums up everything we alcoholics believe in!
Girl- "What are you up to tonight?"
Guy- "I'm drinking rum and redbull!"
Girl- "It's Tuesday?!?"
Guy- "I drink, therefore I am."
by Da Sperminator April 8, 2011
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