A town in Medway, Kent, England, United Kingdom, Europe, The World.

Where the name for the American town of the same name came from.

Gets way too much abuse from people that have never even visited, because of the rise in popularity of the term 'Chav', which originated there (probably).

There are Chavs there (the same as there are in many towns), but is not solely occupied by Chavs, as many would have you believe. In fact, the town's alternative population is just as strong.

Home of the alternative pub 'Tap'n'Tin', which was where the Libertine's first album cover was shot.
Chatham: home of the Historic Dockyard and Fort Amhurst; what a lovely day out that will be!
by ficklephil March 19, 2008
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"Cow Town" a town in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Small town with a bunch of bars and a school. Where everyone knows everyone and gets involved in everybodys business. No one has lives and there isn't even a cell phone tower. Popular fashion trends consist of.. flannel button up shirts, carhartt jackets, shit kickers (black rubber boots) and lots of camo print on everything. Very popular for its wide variety of hunting areas. November 15th (opening day of deer season) is the most important day of the year according to anyone who lives there. One of the main sources of employment is owning a farm. Population consists of mostly Finish, French, French Canadian, Polish, German, etc. Everyone has a accent. Gander Mountian is generally a favorite store to shop at, not Hollister or Abercrombie. Famous bumper sticker in the area quotes "Say ya to da U.P. eh?". Pretty much the most bad ass town in da whole United States der eh?
Tommy: "Hey der got any of dem deer lately in Chatham eh?"

Dominque: "Yo dawg what are you trying to say yo?"

Tommy: "Sorry der eh, dat's just dat der U.P. accent der of mine eh."

Dominque: "Whatever man, peace yo."
by Appleipad1 January 12, 2011
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The Asshole of Ontario. 'Sort of like Woodstock, but West of London, as opposed to East. Where the 'Wheels Inn' is.
"Your from Chatham? Now it makes sense."
by -30- May 8, 2005
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A quaint drinking village with a fishing problem. The distinctive elbow of cape cod in which a year-round population of about 7,000 reside. Surviving of Cod and shell fish. During the months of june, july and august this small community is swarmed with thousands of overly-wealthy, high strung and ego-centric tourists who assume that since they're renting a house for $5000 a week or paying property taxes on a $4 million home that they enjoy 2 months out of the year that they own the rights to every intersection, sidewalk, store entrance and parking space. The natives recieve a large majority of their revenues off these tourists and thus achieve survival through the cold, solitary months of winter. Many continue their work as a fisherman, cashier, waitress, digger, realestate agent or shop owner if they're not returning to some form of education. If you go to Chatham High School, then you know every face that roams those halls and almost everyone knows you. We have no off-season public transportation because whatever distance you can walk in Chatham, isn't worth the gas. Locals thrive on dunkin' donuts, the squire, cumbies, stop and shop and the corner store for survival. rare is a trip to hyannis (city of cape cod) taken to refresh the natives' confinement. The dominating inhabitants are hands-down the Nickerson family. People don't really come here unless it's onpurpose. You don't pass through Chatham to get to another place, as a result, chat-rats mostly stick to themselves in the winter time.

we don't like many harwich locals either.
(In Hyannis @ Cell phone store)
Salesman: Where you guys from?
Customer: Chatham
Salesman: huh.. never heard of it..
by true_local September 12, 2007
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A white affluent society full of snobbery, country clubbing, and discrimination. A small town where if you are not white, christian, rich, and bitchy, you will be shunned. Don't forget that if your house is in the township, you are automatically richer and better than everyone living in the borough. Jews are not welcomed. Blacks are not welcomed, and God help you if you are both. A common insult would include "Damn, you just got Jewed." The drug of choice is ecstasy because marijuana is not expensive enough.
"That town is so Chatham!" "No, there's atleast one Jew and two Blacks, therefore it can't be."
by Blank January 17, 2005
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the small town in jersey that got ranked number 9 out the 100 Best Places To Live in America in "Money Magazine."
I hear that Chatham, NJ, would have made the top 5 if housing prices weren't so expensive!
by anonymous August 14, 2005
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Chatham is a crap dump town located south of Springfield, IL in Central Illinois. Chatham is distinguished from the other shitsvilles in Central Illinois by its being one of the larger crap towns in the region and the home of the Illinois Championship Cow Chip Throw. In Chatham, throwing cow chips is considered a fine art, not backasswards pastime that only hicks indulge in. The inhabitants of Chatham often boast about their cow-chip throwing prowess and wave their shit-covered hands in the air like they just don't care.

One of Chatham's major attractions is the beautiful funeral home that used to be the bowling alley. This landmark underscores how Chatham is an up-an-comer in the mortuary business. The loveliest view of Chatham is in your rear view mirror.
Example 1:

Impressed Visitor to Central Illinois: Are you from Chatham? It looks like you have shit on your hands.
Person with shit on his hands sighs: Thanks for the compliment. No, I was just finished diapering my son.

Example 2:
Impressed Visitor: Holy cow! That isn't a funeral home that used to be a bowling alley, is it? Why can't my town have one of those?
Chatham Resident: Well, when your residents stop wanting to be entertained & start wanting to die, you'll get your ex-bowling alley funeral home too.
Impressed Visitor: I guess New York doesn't have everything.
by The Dumpstress October 12, 2018
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