Very nonsensical... to the point of confusion.

So completely and utterly the opposite of what should be that trying to think or explain it creates a mental paradox.
His explanation of "why we are winning the war on drugs" was so backasswards that I completely blacked out.

The legal system is very structured, but in the wrong way. It is so structured that it actually hurts the very person it should try to help: the litte guy. That is backasswards.
by adumb June 3, 2006
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The condition of being contrary to the prevailing, and typically correct accepted logical conclusion on a subject or various subjects.
In his argument against legalizing the sale of home-brewed and craft brewed beer the State Representative declared, "Why we need more kinds of beer, the beer we got drank purdy good", showing his total backasswardsness regarding the issue.
by Wilburforce March 7, 2014
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