A Professional Liar. Sells products by lying. Slick Bastard that sells you Boss crap and leaves it up to you to prove "The Salesman Lied" it wont do that.
by Zorro January 26, 2005
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When your playing an online game with a friend or random and he/she does some dumb shit that makes you lose.
Me:I’m being sold.
Friend:By who?
M:By this salesman in the party
M:He’s going 0-23
by Spoodermon February 8, 2018
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(Plural: salesmen) When pertaining to City of Heroes (aka City of Heroin), a salesman is a member of the "Family" mob that, when found in groups of more than three, will not attack under any circumstances under certain conditions (usually by stunning him, though it varies). The term salesman comes from the fact that he stands in one spot doing a lecture emote and he looks like a street salesman.
Hey, let's go to Steel Canyon and hunt some salesmen.
by Da Rabid Duckie May 8, 2004
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When you get talked into getting something, usually overpriced, that you didnt want or need because of a clever salesman.
"Look at this stainless steel pencil sharpener I just got from the SharperImage?"
"Dude.. how much.."
"Oh God you got salesmanned!"
by Corey2008 September 3, 2007
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A person whose job is not to sell you the things you need but what you dont.
A particular computer salesman at Sim Lim Square.
by pfennig April 29, 2007
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Someone who sells fish (Selfish)
A certain D-line working in SF Financial District eats all the food in the pantry and then turns around and calls other people selfish. He's the only sushi salesman in the tri-state area.
by yanceypants April 21, 2010
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